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Dziemianowicz, Stefan Richard
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Dziemianowicz, Stefan
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Read some years ago - can't recall much except that a large chunk is taken up by a very striking novella by Joyce Carol Oates, "The Virgin in the Rose Bower". My main 'take' from this collection was a determination to follow up other fiction by Oates, which I have, at the time of writing, began to read.
kitsune_reader | Hi ha 3 ressenyes més | Nov 23, 2023 |
A great story for the young mystery lover. Good life lessons and adorable characters.
buukluvr | Feb 14, 2023 |
Got this book to read Nina's story but I'll pick out some more. Most of these are really, really, really old stories. I have a hard time with old dialect so I often stick to stories from 1970 unless something convinces me to break that rule like a good recommendation or a familiar name.

~Nina Kiriki Hoffman - Coming Home 1990 - 2* - This author must have had something bad happen to her as a kid :/ This one stayed with me a bit after reading. The ghost was her 9 year old self. She "died" after an incident when she was 9. As an adult she moves back into the house where it happened. That is where the ghost is. :(

~Fred Chappell - Miss Prue 1981 1* I got to the end but I don't really get it.

~Alan Brennert - Ghost Story 1977 DNF disjointed, not a story

~Steve Rasnic Tem (3)
1. Daddy 1986 2*,
2. Her New Parents 1988 2* unreliable narrator I think,
3. Shadows in the Grass 1983 2*

~William F. Nolan - Gibbler's Ghost 1974 - 3* - haha the irony. He solves his first problem just to have it happen again.

~Jessica Amanda Salmonson Harmless Ghosts 1990 3*

~August W. Derleth (2)
1. The Metronome 1934 3*,
2. Pacific 421 1944 4*

~M.R. James - Rats 1929 - 2* - I did struggle with the dialect. I didn't really understand the ending and all the reviews on GRs don't tell you the ending. Instead they say "read it for yourself". So I found this which puts it in modern English. That was helpful and brought the story up to a 2*.

~The Night Wire (1926) by Henry Ferris (AKA H. F. Arnold) - ppl seem to highly recommend but I didn't enjoy. - 1* - A classic "weird tale". I'm sure in the 1920s it was great but at this point I'm at saturation and ready to move on. A bit of the Orson Wells aliens are landing combined with a Twilight Zone ending.
… (més)
Corinne2020 | Hi ha 3 ressenyes més | Aug 22, 2021 |
This is a 613 page anthology of very short mystery stories, all featuring cats in one way or another. Cats being mysteries themselves are very good at solving mysteries created by we imperfect humans:) Each of the 100 little stories here, by different authors, take only minutes to read and all feature cats either as the good guys… or in some cases the bad. Of course everyone who is, or has ever been, owned by a cat knows that there is no such thing as a “bad” cat...simply misunderstood. Some of the stories are deadly serious while others are absolutely hilarious. Even if you are a “dog” person you will find these little stories delightfully entertaining…and for “cat” people…they are diffidently recommended by your cat.… (més)
Carol420 | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | Mar 13, 2021 |



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Hans Wessoloski Cover artist
Cleve Cartmill Contributor
Robert W. Lowndes Contributor
Malcolm Jameson Contributor
Edd Cartier Illustrator
L. Sprague de Camp Contributor
Raymond Whetstone Contributor
Lloyd Eshbach Contributor
Hugh Davidson Contributor
Marion Brandon Contributor
Earl Peirce, Jr. Contributor
Greye La Spina Contributor
Jerome Bixby Contributor
Joe E. Dean Contributor
Bassett Morgan Contributor
Dan Simmons Contributor
Don A. Stuart Contributor
Robert A. Heinlein Contributor
Dean Koontz Contributor
Max Brand Contributor
Arthur Machen Contributor
Tod Robbins Contributor
Francis Stevens Contributor
John Collier Contributor
Lord Dunsany Contributor
Mark Channing Contributor
Evelyn E. Smith Contributor
Kim Antieau Contributor
Frederick Treves Contributor
John Galsworthy Contributor
Henry Treat Sperry Contributor
Blanche Bane Kuder Contributor
William Maginn Contributor
Hilda Hughes Contributor
H.D. Everett Contributor
J. D. Beresford Contributor
John Jakes Contributor
William Hines Contributor
L. A. Lewis Contributor
Lewis Spence Contributor
Amyas Northcote Contributor
A.R. Morlan Contributor
Charles Whibley Contributor
Cliff Burns Contributor
André Maurois Contributor
W. B. Maxwell Contributor
James E. Gunn Contributor
Fred Saberhagen Contributor
Stephen Grendon Contributor
James Blish Contributor
Lloyd Biggle Jr. Contributor
Barry N. Malzberg Contributor
Alfred Coppel Contributor
Barry Longyear Contributor
Keith Laumer Contributor
Lee Killough Contributor
Wilson Tucker Contributor
Edgar Pangborn Contributor
Del Stone Contributor
Damon Knight Contributor
Gregory Benford Contributor
John Christopher Contributor
A. Hyatt Verrill Contributor
James H. Schmitz Contributor
Hayford Peirce Contributor
Harry Harrison Contributor
John DeChancie Contributor
Rosalind Greenberg Contributor
Karen Anderson Contributor
Andre Norton Contributor
Arthur Tofte Contributor
James Tiptree Jr. Contributor
Frederik Pohl Contributor
Jack Sharkey Contributor
Richard Curtis Contributor
Theodore L. Thomas Contributor
Esther M. Friesner Contributor
Tom Godwin Contributor
jan howard finder Contributor
Charles Sheffield Contributor
David Bischoff Contributor
Gahan Wilson Contributor
Suzy McKee Charnas Contributor
Susan C. Petrey Contributor
Tim Lebbon Contributor
Bob Shaw Contributor
Booth Tarkington Contributor
Sherwood Anderson Contributor
Harry Turtledove Contributor
Charles E. Fritch Contributor
Tony Rath Contributor
Ring Lardner Contributor
Jack Ritchie Contributor
Sharon N. Farber Contributor
Tanya Huff Contributor
Spider Robinson Contributor
Rudyard Kipling Contributor
Lewis Carroll Contributor
Linda Addison Contributor
Susan Palwick Contributor
Robert C. Benchley Contributor
Anton Chekhov Contributor
Tina Rath Contributor
Edward Wellen Contributor
Karen Lansdale Contributor
Gordon Van Gelder Contributor
Peter Straub Contributor
Harlan Ellison Contributor
John D. MacDonald Contributor
Graham Greene Contributor
John Updike Contributor
Edith Wharton Contributor
Donald E. Westlake Contributor
Joanna Russ Contributor
Anne Crawford Contributor
Ellen Kushner Contributor
K. W. Jeter Contributor
Barbara Hambly Contributor
Michael Shea Contributor
Julian Hawthorne Contributor
Barb D'Amato Contributor
Kathe Koja Contributor
Michael Bishop Contributor
James Platt Contributor
A.C. Benson Contributor
Arthur Porges Contributor
Gordon Van Gelder Contributor
Craig Shaw Gardner Contributor
Nancy Etchemendy Contributor
Peter D. Pautz Contributor
Gertrude Morton Contributor
Marc Laidlaw Contributor
Pat Murphy Contributor
Jack C. Haldeman Contributor
"DNJ" Contributor
Christopher Fowler Contributor
Terry Lamsley Contributor
Richard L. Tierney Contributor
Robert W. Chambers Contributor
Scott Bradfield Contributor
Bruce McAllister Contributor
J. Paul Suter Contributor
Thomas A. Janvier Contributor
Hamlin Garland Contributor
Grace King Contributor
Mary Hallock Foote Contributor
Kate Chopin Contributor
Herman Melville Contributor
John W. De Forest Contributor
Sarah Orne Jewett Contributor
Philander Deming Contributor
Donald A. Wollheim Contributor
Louise Van De Verg Contributor
J. U. Giesy Contributor
DE LeRoss Contributor
Leigh Brackett Contributor
Grace M. Campbell Contributor
Ingulphus Contributor
Vernon Lee Contributor
Wiliam R. Stotler Contributor
Thomas Wiloch Contributor
Brian Lumley Contributor
Roald Dahl Contributor
Robert H. Barlow Contributor
Jack Cady Contributor
Joseph Conrad Contributor
Henry James Contributor
Sarban Contributor
David Ely Contributor
Stephen Gallagher Contributor
Helene Berinsky Cover designer
Jim Campbell Cover artist
Cheryl Knippenburg Cover artist
Tom McKeveny Cover artist
Kevin McGuinness Cover designer
Lynn J. Binder Cover designer


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