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If you are a Star Wars fan, or just love Baby Yoda (and have at least one Grogu figurine), you need this book. I didn't realize when I ordered it how physically tiny it actually is. It's smaller than almost every Grogu figure I have! It has a few quotes in it, a lot of pictures from the show, and some concept artwork that I wish I had larger copies of. Definitely a must-have if you love Star Wars/Baby Yoda.
tcwLT | Sep 17, 2023 |
For the binding, the book is glued together and the pages are not perforated. You can use an x-acto knife to cut the pages out or very carefully pull the pages apart if you want to remove the pages from the book to color.

Unfortunately there are pictures on the front and back of each page, so using markers or pens that tend to bleed through are not recommended for this book. If you really want to use something that bleeds through, you can prime the page using Clear Gesso. It takes extra time, even more if you want to make your own Gesso, but it usually does a good job.

Many of the illustrations are pulled directly from scenes from the show. They’re dynamic, full of action, and the characters look like their counterparts from the show. There’re still filler pages that are a bit nostalgic because of the show, but not all that fun when it comes to coloring. Full pages are covered with signs from different roadside motels the boys stayed in, but it leaves a lot of blank space and I would have rather had the blank back page.

One feature that this book has that I haven’t seen in others is the full color reference pictures in the back of the book. It’s kind of like a mini photo gallery of the scenes used for the coloring book for those who want to get the pictures colors right (no Googling here!), or just stare at Misha for awhile.
… (més)
ReadingBifrost | Jan 18, 2018 |


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