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I received a copy of this book for free from the publisher (Canterbury Classics) for promotional purposes.

This was a lovely collection of classic love poems!

The selection of authors was expected. It features classic love poets such as Shakespeare, Dickinson, and Byron. I’m not that familiar with classic poetry (I read more modern poetry), so I cannot speak too much on the selection of poems.

As with almost all poetry collections, some poems stood out more than others. Here were my favorites:

-Passion by Sappho (pg. 1)
-The First Kiss by Sappho (pg. 2)
-Sonnet 147 by William Shakespeare (pg. 22)
-Sylvia by George Etherege (pg. 37)
-A Cradle Song by William Blake (pg. 47)
-A Red, Red Rose by Robert Burns (pg. 50)
-Surprised by Joy by William Wordsworth (pg. 64)
-Love’s Young Dream by Thomas Moore (pg. 79)
-When We Two Parted by Lord Byron (pg. 83)
-Remind Me Not, Remind Me Not by Lord Byron (pg. 86)
-And Wilt Thou Weep When I Am Low? By Lord Byron (pg. 87)
-To Caroline by Lord Byron (pg. 91)
-Love’s Philosophy by Percy Bysshe Shelley (pg. 99)
-Sonnet 14 by Elizabeth Barrett Browning (pg. 106)
-Sonnet 21 by Elizabeth Barrett Browning (pg. 107)
-Sonnet 43 by Elizabeth Barrett Browning (pg. 110)
-A Dream Within a Dream by Edgar Allan Poe (pg. 114)
-Till Death Us Part by Arthur Penrhyn Stanley (pg. 130)
-Are You the New Person Drawn Toward Me? by Walt Whitman (pg. 132)
-To a Stranger by Walt Whitman (pg. 133)
-As if a Phantom Caress’d Me by Walt Whitman (pg. 139)
-To One Shortly to Die by Walt Whitman (pg. 139)
-Bequest by Emily Dickinson (pg. 148)
-If You Were Coming in the Fall by Emily Dickinson (pg. 149)
-I Have No Life but This by Emily Dickinson (pg. 158)
-Wild Nights by Emily Dickinson (pg. 159)
-The Lost Jewel by Emily Dickinson (pg. 162)
-Longing by Emily Dickinson (pg. 168)
-When Will Love Come? by Pakenham Beatty (pg. 173)
-Patterns by Amy Lowell (pg. 176)
-Choice by Angela Morgan (pg. 184)
-A Dream Girl by Carl Sandburg (pg. 185)

Overall, this was a quick and romantic read! If you’re looking to get into classic poetry, consider this book.
… (més)
oddandbookish | Feb 12, 2024 |
This was a great read. Despite being a hefty 963-page read, it was worth the length. It was easy to understand what points the philosophers were trying to make through their work. It was also interesting to see where some of our modern thinking came and developed from.
historybookreads | Jul 26, 2021 |
A wonderful collection fo science fiction greats including tales by Edgar Allen Poe, Fitz James O'Brien, Jules Verne, H.G.Wells, Jack London, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, H.P.Lovecraft and Stanley G. Weinbaum. I had read most of these previously, but it was a joy to discover them all over again. The collection is beautifully presented in a faux brushed leather cover. A must for all sci fi fans.
SarahEBear | Jul 17, 2020 |
Good collection of horror stories up to WWI. A good sampling of Poe and Lovecraft. I love the inclusion of The Yellow Wallpaper.
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Sloane_Kelly | Oct 18, 2017 |

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