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Brian Edwards was pastor of Hook Evangelical Church in Surbiton, England for almost thirty years before becoming President of the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches. He now has a wider ministry of writing, lecturing and preaching. Brian is the editor of the popular Day One Travel Guide mostra'n més series and is the author of over twenty books including biographies of William Tyndale and John Newton, two books on the subject of Revival, two on the authority and accuracy of the Bible, and a commentary on the Ten Commandments. Brian's first wife, Barbara, died in 1998 and their story is included in Horizons of Hope. In 2011 Brian married Rosie, and between them they have four sons and a daughter. mostra'n menys

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Gods Outlaw (1976) 273 exemplars
Nothing But the Truth (1978) 142 exemplars
Revival (1990) 116 exemplars
The Ten Commandments for Today (1996) 84 exemplars
No Longer Two (revised Edition) (1999) 53 exemplars
Grace - Amazing Grace (2003) 49 exemplars
Men, Women and Authority (1996) 26 exemplars
Not by Chance: God in Control (1982) 23 exemplars
Da Vinci : A Broken Code (2006) 23 exemplars
Price of Life (1994) 14 exemplars
Why Shouldn't We ? /p.t.a. (1969) 11 exemplars
Healing Today / P.t.a. (1969) 9 exemplars
God Cares (1989) 7 exemplars
Tongues and All That Pb (1992) 6 exemplars
What Is The New Age? / P.t.a. (1969) 3 exemplars
Not Under Law /p.t.a. (2004) 3 exemplars
Help! I'm Redundant /p.t.a. (2004) 3 exemplars
AD 3 exemplars
Revival - Praying for Revival (2019) 2 exemplars
REVIVAL! 1 exemplars


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OK story of William Tyndale who translated most of the English Bible version which had a tremendous influence on the King James Bible. He was quite a hero and died as a martyr.
kslade | Hi ha 2 ressenyes més | Dec 8, 2022 |
* 1) The Life of William Tyndale, 2) Scripture Under Scrutiny, 3) Why 66? The Cannon of Scripture, 4) The Authentic Christ
ODBCchili | May 25, 2022 |
I have tended to read biographies about people in the 19th-21st century. This biography of William Tyndale takes us back to the 16th century when things were somewhat different in England, to say the least. The land was openly ruled by the Roman Catholic Church that was awash with vice and corruption. The people were controlled through the state ordered religion and Bibles were not available in the English language for the common man.

Tyndale, at the very start of the Reformation, set about changing this virtually single handedly and spent his life translating, copying, editing and printing portions of Scripture and other Christian literature. He carried out this work from various locations but was many times forced into hiding abroad to complete the work. The authorities attempted to track him down and bring him to justice for his 'heretical' teaching but he remained on the run for many years. Many of those involved in the work with him were arrested, then they were forced to recant or tortured and burned alive. Some of his friends betrayed him and others lived lives that damaged his reputation or stirred up trouble by speaking out rashly against those that opposed them. Tyndale himself seems to have been a single-minded and devoted man of God who was determined to complete his mission regardless of events taking place around him.

All efforts to stop the advance of the Gospel seemed to fail causing the authorities much fury;

Even Tunstall had learnt no better when, two years later, he arranged through a merchant to buy up a large stock of Testaments. By this grand purchase everyone was well satisfied; the bishop had his Testaments to burn, the merchant had his thanks and a reasonable consideration and Tyndale received the money to finance his next edition.

Sadly, in the end Tyndale was captured and imprisoned, but he even used this time to continue writing and eventually influenced many in powerful positions through his witness from his jail cell. His legacy must not be forgotten. Where would we be without copies of the Scripture in our own language? How often do we take it for granted?

This book is rich in historical content and gives a lot of contextual background information. Whilst I found this interesting it wasn't the easiest read. I would still recommend it as a good overview of the life and work of William Tyndale, God's Outlaw.
… (més)
sparkleandchico | Hi ha 2 ressenyes més | Aug 31, 2016 |
This guide centres on those items in the British Museum that are related to the history recorded in the Bible. You will be introduced to rulers, empires and cultures that, without the careful work of many scholars, would have been lost for ever. In this guide you have all that you need to make your tour both enjoyable and relevant. The past is brought to light in front of you.
Paul_Brunning | Apr 26, 2016 |

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