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Too many long battle scenes. Too many unfamiliar terms. So many that it was hard to follow the story.
DidIReallyReadThat | Hi ha 14 ressenyes més | May 3, 2024 |
This book was fine if you take into account the really outdated and 1990s attitudes towards gay people. I tried to read the rest because I had the omnibus edition, but the second book tried to explicitly tackle this in a cringey way that does not hold up in the year 2020 so I didn't finish it. The worldbuilding is interesting, the political intrigue is interesting. The love story is well-executed. I could do without the unnecessary love triangle because you know who Tessa is going to end up with it is obvious, but what are you going to do. Did it need to be as long as it was? Probably not, a good editor could probably cut it in half and it would lose nothing. It was well written enough that I was not completely bored and the timeline of this book is over the course of a year or two, which felt extremely fast. Am I peeved that the political intrigue didn't get wrapped up because it is a series? Yes. Am I peeved that Tessa didn't tell Bakhtian about the fact that aliens exist because she "thinks it will destroy him"? Yes. I feel like one book should be a complete story in itself, and I can't abide cliff-hangers. This book decided in the back half that it was really a love story all along, but I wouldn't describe this as being a romance. It is a space opera book with interesting worldbuilding, but I would say nothing that hasn't really been done before. Like if you read Shapechangers! by Jennifer Roberson it has the same vibe, but fantasy and ten years before there is a distinct "these are coded native americans" happening in these books.… (més)
kittyfoyle | Hi ha 31 ressenyes més | Apr 23, 2024 |
This book definitely reads as the first book of a trilogy. It is the first act, setting the stage for the other two. This also means it doesn't read well as a stand-alone novel. This isn't a bad thing, it just means it's difficult to judge the merit alone.

I enjoyed it, but I can see where others might not like it. You have a first-person narrative where the narrator is thrown into chaos not long after the book begins. There is a lot of questions to answer and not all of them are fully answered in this story and a lot of 'answers' that change as the story progresses because the heroine's knowledge changes. In some ways, this is good, leading to questioning the status quo. In someways, this is bad because it leaves the reader on shifting sands, but this also leaves the reader in the main character's shoes.

I really liked the world building, the changes that might have happened in Europe had the Roman Empire lasted longer (and there is some evidence that weather changes did cause the fall of the Roman Empire among other things) and how the intermixing of African and Celtic peoples happened. I liked how skin color was noted, but it wasn't a determining factor of someone's worth, just something that contributed to an understanding of their heritage. It was fascinating that people clung to things that happened thousands of years prior to the beginning of the story as tightly as they clung to things that were only thirteen years past and that both histories were used to justify actions that might be considered unethical on their own merit.

The romantic elements of the book seem to cover both the awkward and Stockholm arenas of improbability. The 'hero's' approaches are very much in the awkward realm of life and the heroine's responses seem to be a result of either magic or enforced proximity. The next two books will determine more what is actually going on. In many ways, I'm glad that their interactions did not progress past a kiss—it would have been far to weird in the story. I'm not even sure that the hero's feelings are the result of genuine feelings or a result of rebellion against the House he's beholden to.

I look forward to reading the rest of this series.
… (més)
hColleenS | Hi ha 72 ressenyes més | Mar 28, 2024 |
I think I enjoyed Elliott's "Icepunk" books (Cold Magic etc) moreso as this one had quite a bit more scifi then I was expecting. I'm uncertain if I'll finish the quartet or not, but I can see why so many people laud this highly. It reads well and even now 20 years since its debut, it ages well.
lexilewords | Hi ha 31 ressenyes més | Dec 28, 2023 |



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