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Jill Alexander Essbaum was born in 1971 in Bay City, Texas. She is a poet, writer, and professor. Her most recent collections are the full-length manuscripts Harlot (No Tell Motel, 2007) and Necropolis (neoNuma Arts, 2008). Essbaum's poetry features puns, wordplay and dark humor, often mixed with mostra'n més religious and erotic imagery. She currently teaches at the University of California Riverside Palm Desert Graduate Center in the Masters of Creative Writing Graduate Program. Essbaum's debut novel, Hausfrau was published March 2015 and made The New York Times High Profile Title's List. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra'n menys
Crèdit de la imatge: Poet Jill Alexander Essbaum at the 2015 Texas Book Festival. By Larry D. Moore, CC BY-SA 4.0,

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Hausfrau (2015) 766 exemplars
Harlot (2007) 17 exemplars
Necropolis (2008) 10 exemplars
Hausfrau / druk 1 (2015) 8 exemplars
Oh Forbidden (2005) 7 exemplars
The Devastation (2009) 7 exemplars
Una donna pericolosa (2016) 4 exemplars
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Bay City, Texas, USA
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Zurich, Switzerland
Texas, USA
University of California, Riverside



This was certainly a bleak entry to the New Year.

Dark look into the life of a middle aged American woman married to a Swiss man and living in Switzerland. She's lonely and isolated and trapped in her own spiral of bad thoughts.

It couldn't stop reading but I can't say I enjoyed my time with Anna.
hmonkeyreads | Hi ha 132 ressenyes més | Jan 25, 2024 |
A downer of a book with an unlikeable yet sympathetic protagonist. I knew how it was going to end. I mean the author named her character Anna and has her mention in the first chapter the only reason Swiss trains run late. AND YET, when I got to the end of the novel I was like fuuuuuuuuuck. Anyway, a good read that left me feeling a bit icky and anxious. I'm going to go watch cartoons or something...
imjustmea | Hi ha 132 ressenyes més | Dec 23, 2023 |
Received as a test read from NetGalley.
To be honest, most of the free ebooks I receive from various places are too totally horrible to write a review about. I don't want to be mean, but, hey, proofreading, people!!!! So I read the first few pages and then give up in despair.

This book is an exception. From the moment I started it I was pulled in, dragged into the scene, experiencing life in a foreign country, isolated and ignored. Maybe it's because I've been there, with a similarly busy husband, but I could truly identify with the character, Anna, as she struggles to find a reason for her existence.

True, she could maybe have played with her kids more, or otherwise lived a bit more, but as a character in search of treatment for depression, she makes bad choices again and again, spiralling downwards into a bigger and bigger mess. Her self-centred focus is shockingly strong, and yet, I felt sympathy for her, trapped within herself as she is.

The writing is well done - mine, the kindle edition, occasionally confused me for a moment with jumps in settings and times. This might be less of a problem in a hard-copy version. However, the author's writing was so clear that I was confused for only a moment.

Well worth a read. I found myself setting aside time to read it, and also pounding on my Kindle when the pages wouldn't turn fast enough.

… (més)
Dabble58 | Hi ha 132 ressenyes més | Nov 11, 2023 |
This book is about the unraveling of the protagonist and it is painful to witness. I almost gave the book 4 stars, so guess my final rating is 3.5 stars. Essbaum tells the story in very short segments that are not linear in time, perhaps recreating her character Anna's thoughts and feelings. Did I enjoy reading this book? No. I do think the author showed a lot of insight and empathy with all the characters (something Anna lacked), but reading about a self immolation (not literally-psychically) is unpleasant. There were lots of tidbits regarding Jungian analysis that were quite interesting.… (més)
Maryjane75 | Hi ha 132 ressenyes més | Sep 30, 2023 |



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