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Loren D. Estleman was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan on September 15, 1952. He received a B.A. in English literature and journalism from Eastern Michigan University in 1974. He spent several years as a reporter on the police beat before leaving to write full time in 1980. He wrote book reviews for mostra'n més such newspapers as The New York Times and The Washington Post and contributed articles to such periodicals as TV Guide. He is a writer of mysteries and westerns. His first novel was published in 1976 and since then he has published more than 70 books including the Amos Walker series, Writing the Popular Novel, Roy and Lillie: A Love Story, The Confessions of Al Capone, and a The Branch and the Scaffold. He received four Shamus Awards from the Private Eye Writers of America, five Golden Spur Awards from the Western Writers of America, the Owen Wister Award for lifetime achievement from Western Writers of America, and the Michigan Author's Award in 1997. (Bowker Author Biography) He lives in Whitmore Lake, Michigan. (Publisher Provided) mostra'n menys
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Black Powder, White Smoke (2002) 31 exemplars
Sudden Country (1991) 30 exemplars
Ragtime Cowboys (2014) 28 exemplars
Roy & Lillie: A Love Story (2010) 26 exemplars
Gun Man (1748) 25 exemplars
The Sundown Speech (2015) 24 exemplars
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Legend (1999) 23 exemplars
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The Lioness Is the Hunter (2017) 19 exemplars
Red Highway (1987) 18 exemplars
The Ballad of Black Bart (2017) 17 exemplars
Monkey in the Middle (2022) 17 exemplars
Black and White Ball (2018) 16 exemplars
Book Club (2012) 15 exemplars
Wild Justice (2018) 15 exemplars
Brazen (2016) 15 exemplars
Cutthroat Dogs (2022) 14 exemplars
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The Wolfer (1981) 8 exemplars
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Histoires chaudes (2017) 2 exemplars
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Tous des tricheurs ! (2017) 2 exemplars
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Now We Are Seven 1 exemplars
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Wolfe in the Manger 1 exemplars
Picture Palace [short story] (2000) 1 exemplars
Kill the Cat 1 exemplars
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Coneixement comú



More smart patter and dicey situations and cool character in this Amos Walker detective story. Ya gotta love Estleman's descriptions; for me, in this book, the memorable phrase was calling razor wire Michigan's state flower.
ReadMeAnother | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | Nov 29, 2023 |
Film detective Valentino is a bit at loose ends as a bathroom is being installed in his restored movie theatre/home, so he is pleased when an old college friend contacts him about a new project: restoring a drive-in movie theatre, something that the builder really wants to do. He enlists Valentino’s help, and the latter brings in his old friend Leo Kalishnikov, eccentric but brilliant theatre designer, but Leo has other things on his mind - he is being blackmailed by somebody who knows something about his past. Val agrees to help his old friend, but is also contacted by a stranger, who claims to have the first two reels of the legendary Theda Bara’s Cleopatra, long missing from the world. How will Valentino find time to solve all these puzzles, especially after murder intrudes?.... Loren D. Estleman is best known for his Amos Walker series, but the Valentino books, of which this is the seventh, are a great deal of fun to read. Mr. Estleman’s Los Angeles setting reveals his familiarity with that town and all its quirks as well, and his love of film history is evident throughout, up to and including bibliographies and filmographies at the end of each book. These are not terribly serious works, but they are hugely entertaining - and the reader learns something, to boot! Start with the first book, “Framed,” and you won’t be sorry; recommended!… (més)
thefirstalicat | Nov 12, 2023 |
A nice old fashioned mystery. I have always wanted to read this series and glad I have finally started it. It was fun being transported back a few decades. I also loved the setting of Detroit. I haven't read any books I can remember set there.
cdaley | Hi ha 8 ressenyes més | Nov 2, 2023 |
This is a tremendously fun book to read for those who enjoy the old-fashioned Rathbone and Bruce films of the 1940s, or those who enjoyed Sherlock Holmes in the days when radio ruled the airwaves. Light and fun, with plenty of atmosphere, Estleman has written a book which has great appeal to the aforementioned group, and young adults. Dracula fans may also enjoy it. Some Conan Doyle fans — but by no means all of them — might find this sort of crossover story a bit of a stretch.

Holmes and Watson become involved in the Sanguinary Count's attempt to leave Transylvania and make England his home in this fun adventure. This is Doctor Watson's account of Sherlock Holmes's heretofore untold part in the Dracula saga, written to rectify this important omission in Stoker's account, at the specific request of Professor Van Helsing. A sense of fun and adventure saturate the pages of Estleman's fun but not-to-be-taken-too-seriously story.

From the moment a ship is discovered off the English coast with no crew aboard except a dead captain with unusual puncture marks on his neck, and a cargo full of Transylvanian earth, Holmes and Watson know this is going to be no ordinary case. Reluctant at first to believe in the possibility of vampires, Holmes, and an even more skeptical Watson, may finally be forced to accept the existence of the undead.

When the London duo track down the "Bloofer Lady" through the strange abduction of children who are later found alive, but disoriented from blood loss, the lady in question turns out to be none other than Lucy Westerna! More shocking, however, is our favorite duo witnessing her impalement by Van Helsing, Harker, and the gang from Bram Stoker's Dracula. Van Helsing is disturbed to discover that the great detective knows much more about him and his companions than he initially thought. Forced to fill in Holmes on the Dracula legend, Van Helsing dismisses his offer of help nonetheless. Holmes and Watson then continue their pursuit alone, in this marvelously fun account of the chase.

More than one dangerous encounter with the evil Count ensues as they close in, and someone Watson loves dearly becomes a pawn in a very deadly game indeed. Watson's bravery and the help of the Baker Street Irregulars play no small part in this fast and fun read. A boat chase near the conclusion is a particular highlight and offers fun for those who just go with the narrative. I would definitely recommend this for young adults, and old-time radio fans, but purists of the original Conan Doyle might not be as enamored.

While I normally loathe a continuation of a series character by a writer other than the original, especially if it comes too quickly on the heels of their death, enough time has passed that this one does not feel like a "continuation" but rather an affectionate nod to Conan Doyle and his creation. That being said, the game is afoot, and time is of the essence for some afternoon fun with this one!
… (més)
Matt_Ransom | Hi ha 15 ressenyes més | Oct 6, 2023 |



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