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Susan Fletcher (1) (1951–)

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Susan Fletcher's previous books include the trilogy of Dragon's Milk, Flight of the Dragon Kyn, and Sign of the Dove, and most recently, Shadow Spinner. Ms. Fletcher lives in Lake Oswego, Oregon, with her husband, their daughter, and a black cat named Nimbus
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Obres de Susan Fletcher

Shadow Spinner (1998) 1,413 exemplars
Dragon's Milk (1992) 765 exemplars
Flight of the Dragon Kyn (1993) 444 exemplars
Sign of the Dove (1996) 334 exemplars
Walk Across the Sea (2001) 274 exemplars
Alphabet of Dreams (2006) 263 exemplars
Dadblamed Union Army Cow (2007) 74 exemplars
Journey of the Pale Bear (2018) 74 exemplars
Ancient, Strange, and Lovely (2010) 73 exemplars
The Anti-Baby-Sitter Plot (1991) 47 exemplars
Falcon in the Glass (2013) 47 exemplars
A Bear Far from Home (2022) 13 exemplars
The Dragon Chronicles Trilogy (1991) 10 exemplars
The Haunting Possibility (1615) 6 exemplars


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The opening pulled me right in and kept on going:
"I was fifteen the year the king's men came to take me from my home."

I loved Susan Fletcher's _Journey of the Pale Bear_ and this one was just as good!

The story is about learning where your loyalties lie in a complex world, and finding the courage to stand up for what you believe, (in this case non-violence). In a totally believeable way, Kara's perspective changes as she gets to know the dragons better.

I re-read some passages just for the sheer pleasure of reading: the language is strong and beautiful like the beat of dragon wings. The details about falconry are fascinating and the link between the healing of a disease, the dragon's milk, and the relationship between the birds and dragons felt exactly right.

Books 1 + 2 are vivid and gripping. I preferred Book 2, but that might be because I read it first. I definitely went on to read Book 3 and I have my eye on Book 4.
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Ldecher | Hi ha 2 ressenyes més | Sep 4, 2023 |
Maybe it's just been too long since I read the others. I collected the first three books when I was younger and I loved them and reread them a lot way back when. This one felt different, outside of the modern day perspective. I don't mind the time period aspect, but the writing just didn't impress me. A bit of a depressing note to end on, if it's the end of the series.
AnonR | Hi ha 4 ressenyes més | Aug 5, 2023 |
A story of a polar bear born in Norway, and given to Henry III, King of England, when it was full grown. The illustrations are stunning, and the story is touching. Records indicate that a bear (perhaps a polar bear which was indigenous to Norway,) was indeed given to Henry III for the menagerie at the Tower of London. A cage containing the bear who was muzzled and chained on board the deck of the ship. Tempest tossed, no doubt sick, the bear had a tumultous journey from Norway to England.

After arrival, a huge chain was used to tether the bear to the Thames river so it could fish. Interestingly, the records also show a purchase of a thick wrap for the bear's keeper to go into the water with the bear. Normally polar bears eat seals, and not fish. But, there were no seals in the Thames river. Huge polar bears would not survive on fish as an inordinate amount would need to be consumed to sustain the bear.

The author does a wonderful job of painting a calm, beautiful life then disturbed by those who traveled on a sailing ship to capture the bear and taken via the ship back to England.

I very much enjoyed the suppliment at the end of the book that gives a brief history of the tower menagerie and the records that still exist of showing the menagerie contained camels, lions, leopards originally on the property of Henry's great-grandfather who then transported them to the Tower of London in 1252.

History also shows the menagerie was closed in the 19th century and placed in new homes (not named in the book.) Today, if you visit the tower, you can see a sculputure of King Henry III's bear at the place he/she spent their life.

Four and 1/2 Stars
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Whisper1 | Mar 18, 2023 |
I'm not sure how this book came to me - I found it in a pile of books my kids had outgrown, ready to be donated to the library. I decided to pick it up and read it, and I'm glad I did. I haven't read much middle grade, lately, though I used to all the time. I loved it! A young girl begins to think for herself and separate from her parents' beliefs, learning how to stand up for what is right in her own eyes. The setting was rich, and the story was good.
CarolHicksCase | Hi ha 5 ressenyes més | Mar 12, 2023 |



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