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The Guest List (2020) 4,234 exemplars
The Paris Apartment (2022) 2,062 exemplars
The Hunting Party (2019) 2,040 exemplars
The Book of Lost and Found (2015) 273 exemplars
The Invitation (2016) 175 exemplars
Last Letter from Istanbul (2018) 35 exemplars
Evil In Small Places (2022) 1 exemplars

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Loved this. (Enhanced by a fantastic audio cast)
avanders | Hi ha 66 ressenyes més | Nov 28, 2023 |
So often I've read recent crime novels which have proved a disappointment so I was delighted to find this the exception. It's a complex book with a slow burn, told from the point of view of various characters in the build up to a wedding day and the day itself, made more complex by switching around in the time frame. I'm pleased to say that it pulls off this feat. It also has a cast of characters who are memorable and all of whom have secrets. Some are just tragic ones, such as the suicide of a beloved sister, and some are dark indeed. Some of the characters have holds over the others through having a shared secret. As the story progresses and the hidden histories are revealed not just to the reader but to other characters, motives for murder - and murder is foreshadowed at the start - becomes more concrete, but for several characters. It isn't till late in the story that the identity of the victim and perpetrator are revealed, and the real nature of that victim.

Some of the characters are fairly repellent, and the only ones I had any sympathy for were Hannah and Olivia. The grown-up, public schoolboys, are a particular study in awfulness. This is one of those books where you love to hate certain characters hoping they will be the ones 'bumped off'. There was a fairly noticeable continuity flaw near the end - how could a grave be empty because there was nothing to bury if a few pages beforehand it had been revealed that a body had been recovered - but other than that nothing spoiled the build up to the final reveal. Overall I would rate this at 4 stars.
… (més)
kitsune_reader | Hi ha 187 ressenyes més | Nov 23, 2023 |
The Paris Apartment by Lucy Foley

Jess travels from to Paris to stay with her Brother Ben. When she gets there he is missing. She decides to confront some residents of the building, inguiring about Ben.

No one wants to talk, and they are far from friendly. Her suspicions loom the more she investigaes. Nothing is as it seem and everyone holds a secret.

The story moves at a fast pace, a compelling plot, with well develpoed (complex) characters. Some are likable, others are not.

Told from alternating points of view had me feelings as if I was part of this story. As time goes by slowly secrets are revealed until the (shocking) conclusion.

Overall I found The Paris Apartment quite enjoyable. I highly recommend to those who enjoy a great locked-room mystery. Fans of Lucy Foley will not be disappointed in this good read.
… (més)
SheriAWilkinson | Hi ha 66 ressenyes més | Nov 10, 2023 |
The author pulls this cute trick where she doesn't reveal who the murder victim is until near the end. This loses its novelty almost immediately as this removes everything that makes a mystery worth reading. It's a bit hard to look for clues to motivations when you don't know who they're supposed to be motivated to kill. The book instead chooses to reveal the killer and the victim at the same time, with the added bonus that the motivation could not have been guessed because the author withheld information about their past until they explained it to the victim and the reader at the same time. This combined with the fact that the characters are awful on purpose, made for a frustrating read.… (més)
Moon_Cthulhu | Hi ha 187 ressenyes més | Nov 9, 2023 |



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