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Simon Furman is the ultimate fan-favourite Transformers writer, having written hundreds of stories about the robots in disguise since their first comics appearance in the early 1980s. He is currently writing all-new Transformers comics for IDW and for Titan!

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Crèdit de la imatge: Photo by Wikipedia user JIP. Simon Furman doing a presentation speech at NTFA NordCon 2010 in Aalborg, Denmark.


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Carshalton, Surrey, England, UK



Access a version of the below that includes illustrations on my blog in three parts here, here, and rel="nofollow" target="_top">here.

...Perchance to Dream
The last (by titling convention, anyway) multi-part story of the UK comic strip begins the transition into what would be known as Earthforce. Many pixels have been spilled on this topic, but basically Simon Furman decided to stop having the UK strip tie into the US one at all, not even the sense of the UK one having small side stories to the bigger US stories like he'd been doing since issue #240 or so. Instead, he would split the characters up: since the US strip was focused on Optimus Prime and company in space, the UK strip would follow a set of different characters back on Earth.

This story sets that up by reviving five classic off-line characters so that they can star in the new strip. Galvatron is infesting their dreams, so we get five parts of flashback adventures, and then in part six they all wake up and defeat him. It's a fine enough set of vignettes, but Galvatron is defeated absurdly easily for someone who had once been a powerhouse of the strip.

The Big Shutdown! / A Small War!
These two stories are united in being about Thunderwing, who is rising to power as Decepticon leader on Cybertron. (I think there is a power vacuum because of the events of Two Megatrons!, which was actually published later!) The Big Shutdown! is a delightful hardboiled pastiche, as the Autobot detective Nightbeat must stop Thunderwing from committing a series of murders on Earth as part of a test being administered by the Decepticon leadership back on Cybertron. The end confused me, but I greatly enjoyed the rest of it, and I hope we get more Nightbeat in this series.

A Small War! jumps ahead to when Thunderwing does lead the Cybertronian Decepticon forces, and it introduces the Micromasters, a group of Autobots who are tiny (i.e., human-sized). The Micromasters get captured, but escape anyhow—only the Decepticons, led by Thunderwing, now also have the secret of their construction. This is fine; it mostly seems to exist to set up the Micromasters' first US appearance in a story I haven't read yet. (It appears in Classics, Vol. 5, but I've only read up through vol. 4.)

"Rage! / "Assault on the Ark!"
These two tales jump back a bit to explain more of how Thunderwing ascended to power, following up on The Big Shutdown! They're fine but I kind of didn't really care.

"Inside Story!" / "Front Line!" / "End of the Road!"
And here it all comes to an end, with honestly a pretty mediocre set of stories about a journalist trying to write a story about the Transformers. You'd think the giant robots tearing up the Earth would be bigger news than this story implies.

Transformers and Marvel UK: « Previous in sequence | Next in sequence »… (més)
Stevil2001 | Jun 26, 2023 |
Access a version of the below that includes illustrations on my blog in two parts here and here.

This collection opens with a set of stories that slot in and around what was happening in the US strip at the time they were published.

Race with the Devil
This story is okay. A group of Autobots called the Triggerbots is assigned to shadow some Decepticon mercenaries, Darwking and Dreadwind; it turns out that the mercenaries are trying to recover Starscream's corpse, since it contains the Underbase, the collected knowledge of the Transformer race. (This is all due to the Underbase saga, from the US book.) Starscream kind of becomes a zombie and the Triggerbots stop him and save some humans. I guess if I ever could remember who the Triggerbots were, I might have cared about this more.

"Fallen Star!"
This vignette is focused on Starscream who, thanks to events in the US book, has been brought back to life... but is feeling like he's lost his mojo in the process. But then he realizes that maybe after all, he's still got it. Told in the first person, this is a fun story of Starscream at his best. (Well, worst.) Nicely done.

"Mind Games"
It's hard to talk about this story without getting into the weeds on continuity. Basically, when Simon Furman took over the US book, he decided he wanted to recurrect Megatron. But Megatron had already been resurrected in the UK book. He didn't want to alienate US readers by suddenly revealing Megatron had already been resurrected, so he wrote a story for the UK strip explaining that what everyone had thought was a resurrected Megatron was actually a clone of Megatron created by Straxus. Anyway, not much happens here; it's mostly to set up the next story.

"Two Megatrons!"
The "real" Megatron and the clone Megatron battle it out. Transformers fans have written whole dissertations on how this causes more problems than it solves, continuity-wise, but if you ignore all that, this is a great story with a perfect climax. Megatron is dead, love live Megatron!

After this, the collection suddenly jumps ahead to a set of Decepticon-focused stories from the "Earthforce" era, when the UK strip abandoned continuity with the US one. I wish Titan had just collected the era in publication order, but as they're the only publisher to collect it at all, I have to take what I can get.

What's that, Megatron has a time machine and is attempting to rewrite the events of the Underbase saga? Okay, sure. With five pages per story, Furman can't waste time on setting things up... or ever using these concepts ever again! This one is maybe overdoing the exciting standalone adventure thing (which became standard in the Earthforce era), but it's fine.

"The Bad Guy's Ball!"
There's been a Decepticon Civil War brewing, Shockwave versus Megatron, so the Decpticons call an "enclave" (should be "conclave," surely?) to settle who should be in charge. One of my favorite stories in this run: the whole idea of a Decepticon cease-fire social meet is a delight, and then the Autobots show up to cause problems in secret, preventing the two sides from reaching an accord. The only thing I don't like is I feel like this could be a premise for a whole twenty-page issue! Imagine this in the hands of James Roberts.

"Secrets" / "Bugged!" / "Internal Affairs!"
These three stories continue this collection's focus on the Decepticons, and they are all pretty fun. First, it turns out Soundwave is spying on Megatron for Shockwave, but he plays on a fellow Decepticon's paranoia to throw suspicion off himself in a masterful move. Then Starscream makes his own play, uniting with Soundwave to depose both Megatron and Shockwave. It's so complicated you've got to love it.

"Assassins" / "External Forces!" / "The Lesser Evil!"
More on the complicated shenanigans of the Decepticon civil war. Shockwave and Megatron team up to assassinate Starscream, making it look like Soundwave is responsible; the Mayhem Attack Squad attempts to kill Starscream and Soundwave; the Autobats have to save Starscream because they need a transfusion from him to defeat an illness Snarl has (we saw this illness in a flash-forward story in the 1990 annual). Enjoyable, but alas this is end of this plotline as the series itself is almost over. Shame, because I think there was a lot of mileage in it.

Transformers and Marvel UK: « Previous in sequence | Next in sequence »
… (més)
Stevil2001 | Jun 24, 2023 |
Access a version of the below that includes illustrations on my blog in three parts here, here, and rel="nofollow" target="_top">here.

Survivors! / "The Hunting Party"
After Time Wars, the UK Transformers comic changed gears, going small scale—and black and white! Survivors! picks up from the end of Time Wars, chronicling the Wreckers, who haven't been given new orders since those events. They end up teaming up with some former members of the Decepticon Mayhem Attack Squad, Carnivac and Catilla, to take down the deranged Skids. All the characters, all feeling like abandoned warriors, join up together at the end. I'm curious to see where this goes, as "The Hunting Party!" indicates that the new Mayhem Attack Squad has orders to hunt down Carnivac and Catilla for going AWOL. Bad Transformers who become good Transformers is probably one of my favorite tropes (see Dinobot, Blackarachnia, MtMtE Megatron), so this has some real potential.

"Way of the Warrior" / "Survival Run" / "A Savage Place!"
This follows up on the Survivors. The Mayhem Attack Squad is trying to hunt down and punish the two Deception traitors; the story mostly focuses on Carnivac, who refuses to recognize Autobot authority but also begrudgingly finds himself doing the right thing and in a desperate stand for his own survival. Decepticon-turned-"good" is one of my favorite Transformers tropes, and this is a good example of it. The middle installment illustrated by Lee Sullivan, with Carnivac crawling through the desert, is particularly effective.

"Cry Wolf!" / "Wolf in the Fold!" / "Where Wolf?"
In this one, ex-Decepticon Carnivac decides to revenge himself on the Mayhem Attack Squad; it's a fun story about Carnivac doing his own thing while working alongside the Autobots, and how he humiliates Bludgeon by not killing him. All of the Survivors tales have been good, and this one is no exception; the story also links up the Survivors with Earthforce.

"Shut Up!"/ "Manoeuvres!"
"Shut Up!" is another great story, one that could pretty much only work as a five-pager: the Mayhem Attack Squad intimidate Red Alert into letting them out of the cell on Earthbase by not talking! "Manouvres!" is one that made little impression, on the other hand.

"Whose Lifeforce Is It Anway?" / "The Greatest Gift of All!"
Two linked stories, both pretty okay. Not as forgettable as some of the other pre-Earthforce stories, but not the best either. In the first, we see an Autobot walrus robot named Longtooth. Long enough, Optimus Prime bequeathed a fragment of the Matrix to him to use to save a dying comrade... but the cowardly Longtooth kept it for himself. Guilt has since made him suicidal in battle, but all his fellow Autobots think he's just very brave. This I think is a good set-up for a story, but really all that happens is he just suddenly decides to send the Matrix fragment (anonymously) back to Earth so Optimus can make use of it. Not much of a story. In the second one, Optimus thinks about using the fragment to bring back some dead Autobots, but ends up using it to revitalize a part of Earth damaged ecologically by the Transformers' war. It's fine, you know. More Optimus angst.

Transformers and Marvel UK: « Previous in sequence | Next in sequence »… (més)
Stevil2001 | Jun 23, 2023 |
Access a version of the below that includes illustrations on my blog in two parts here and here.

"[Double] Deal of the Century!" / "Prime's Rib!"
Here we have two small standalone tales. "[Double] Deal of the Century!" introduces Double-Dealer, the Transformer who plays both sides; to be honest, I was thoroughly confused by it because I'm often bad at recognizing Transformers, and that's even harder when they're in black-and-white. "Prime's Rib!" is a random future story, set in 1995 (so about halfway between the 1980s "present" and the 2005+ "future") explaining how there can be a girl Transformer in Arcee if Transformers don't have gender. Optimus Prime had her built to appease angry feminists on Earth! Hilarious if you can take it ironically, I guess. But also pretty stupid.

"Starting Over!" / "Two Steps Back!" / "Break-Away!" / "Desert Island Risks!" / "Once upon a Time..." / "Life in the Slow Lane" / "Snow Fun!"
This is a fun set of strips that moves us into the Earthforce format, but also demonstrates its power. First we get a fun adventure where the characters revived in ...Perchance to Dream have to stop Megatron from destroying Earth's atmosphere. Why? I don't know, but it doesn't bother me, nor does the fact that according to the US strip at this time, Megatron can't even be here doing this. It's all worth it for the bits where the characters themselves complain about how gimmicky Transformers has gotten. "Probably some Microheadtargetmaster with a Pretender shell!" And then a fun ending where everyone just charges Megatron. Then we get a fun story about Grimlock versus Shockwave and his minions and then the whole premise is put into place: Optimus delegates Grimlock to run things on Earth.

I know some people love Grimlock, but for me a little bit of Grimlock goes a long way... there's only so much I can read about how he's "different" from the other Autobots. But Earthforce, it turns out, is the exact right amount of Grimlock. Like many loose cannon characters, he's best with a straight man, and here he's essentially got a whole team of them. Some of the stories here are bad silly (e.g., "Desert Island Risks" is improbably contrived) but many of them are good silly; any Transformers story where Grimlock's own Dinobots trick him by building a snowman of Shockwave is my kind of Transformers story. I like the serious, epic, angsty Transformers all right, but I also like the silly stuff that leavens it, and here we get a deliciously concentrated dose of it.

An Autobot arrives at the Earthforce base and discovers something terrible has happened to Wheeljack... only to realize it's all an incredibly complicated misunderstanding. Goofy fun.

"The Living Nightlights!"
Dumb, contrived story about Decepticon-made evil toys. Okay, not every "goofy fun" story is a winner... but you know, it's only five pages long at worst!

"The House That Wheeljack Built!" / "Divide and Conquer!" / "The 4,000,000 Year Itch!" / "Makin' Tracks!"
More goofy fun in "The House That Wheeljack Built": Wheeljack shows off the new Earthbase's automated defense systems... only everyone is outside the base, and you can only deactivate them from the inside, meaning everyone has to battle their way in! I also enjoyed "The 4,000,000 Year Itch!", where Optimus comes on an inspection tour at the same time Slag develops one of his periodic compulsions to murder everyone he knows(!), so Grimlock has to distract Optimus in the foreground while the other Dinobots keep subduing Slag in the background. Low farce, surely.

On the other hand, "Makin' Tracks" is similar but didn't work for me. In this case, the dead Tracks is being revived... but Grimlock hates Tracks so much he tries to kill him off again. I feel like this one went a bit too far... also, who the hell is Tracks? I don't even remember this guy or his beef with Grimlock. Plus the small art of these Titan digests made it hard to understand what was going on at the climax.

Transformers and Marvel UK: « Previous in sequence | Next in sequence »
… (més)
Stevil2001 | Jun 22, 2023 |


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Keith Page Illustrator
T Coleman Illustrator
Steve Dillon Illustrator
Brendan McCarthy Illustrator
Cam Kennedy Illustrator
Kitson Illustrator
Bermejo Illustrator
Jose Casanovas Illustrator
James Tomlinson Contributor
Mike Western Illustrator
Brian Burrell Contributor
Jacqui Papp Designer
John Agee Contributor
Cam S Illustrator
B. Kitson Illustrator
Louise Cassell Illustrator
E. Craig Brasfield Illustrator
Malcolm Shaw Contributor
Chris Lowder Contributor
Trevor Goring Illustrator
Collins Illustrator
John Richardson Illustrator
Barrie Tomlinson Contributor
Josh Nizzi Cover artist
Gabriel Rodriguez Cover artist
Lew Stringer Author, Contributor, Illustrator, , Editor
Larry Hama Author, Editor, Illustrator
Nel Yomtov Illustrator
Bob Harras Editor, Illustrator
Don Daley Editor
Joe Rosen Letterer
Bob Sharen Illustrator
Ron Wagner Illustrator
Rob Tokar Editor
Tom DeFalco Author, Editor
Glib Letterer, Letters
Jim Massara Letterer, letterer
Andy Mushynsky Illustrator, Inks
Randy Emberlin Illustrator
Dan Taylor Editor
Gina Hart Illustrator
George Roussos Illustrator, Colour
Dave Hunt Illustrator
Pete Venters Illustrator, Cover artist, Introduction
Janice Chiang Letterer, Letters
Stewart Johnson Cover artist
Stuart Bartlett Letterer, Illustrator
John Burns Illustrator, Cover artist
Michael Eve Illustrator
Bob Layton Author
Vince Colletta Illustrator
Rod Whigham Illustrator
James Roberts Editor, Introduction, Contributor
Neil Uyetake Letters, Designer
Dave Harwood Illustrator, Inks
Danny Bulanadi Illustrator, Cover artist
Robin Bouttell Cover artist, Composer
Dave Elliott Illustrator
Christie Scheele Illustrator
Robbie Robbins Letters, Letterer
Nelson Yomtov Illustrator
Phil Felix Letterer
Diana Albers Letterer, letterer
Mike Scott Letterer, Letters
Stuart Place Illustrator
Julianna Ferriter Illustrator
Mark Bagley Illustrator
Kev Hopgood Illustrator, Cover artist
Martin Griffiths Illustrator, Cover artist
Tony Jozwiak Illustrator
Brian Garvey Illustrator
Starkings Letters, Letterbot, Illustrator
James Hill Contributor
Jim Amash Illustrator
Sarra Mossoff Illustrator
Helen Stone Letterer
Romeo Tanghal Illustrator
Steve Ditko Illustrator
Luke McDonnell Illustrator
David Hine Cover artist, Illustrator
Andrew Leary Illustrator
Marc Griffiths Illustrator
Tom B. Long Letters
Josh Burcham Illustrator, Cover artist
Russ Heath Illustrator
Al Gordon Illustrator
Juliana Ferriter Illustrator
Ken Bruzenak Letterer
Mark Bright Illustrator
Carl Potts Editor
Jim Novak Letterer
Mike Mignola Illustrator
Neal Yomtov Illustrator
Warren Kremer Illustrator
Sam de la Rosa Illustrator
Al Milgrom Editor
Peter Kremer Illustrator
Liza Ross Narrator
John Carnell Contributor
Marc Danbury Narrator
Roy North Narrator
Gary Gilbert Letterer, Designer, Cover artist
Andy Lanning Illustrator
Nicola Bryant Narrator
Gary Russell Director
John Freeman Contributor
Peter Davison Narrator
Garrick Hagon Narrator
Liam Shalloo Illustrator
Bill O'Neil Letterer
Marie Severin Illustrator
Chia-Chi Wang Illustrator
Gaushell Letterbot
Marshall Rogers Illustrator
Jerry Paris Cover artist
Todd McFarlane Illustrator
Kim DeMulder Illustrator
Sulaco Studios Letterer, Letters
Phil Gascoine Cover artist
George Rosen Illustrator
Pat Brosseau Letterer
Kris Carter Illustrator
Paul Gulacy Illustrator
Janice Cohen Illustrator, Colour
Steve Whitaker Illustrator
Bob McLeod Illustrator
Dan Adkins Illustrator, Inks
Manny Manos Letterer
Mike Gustovich Illustrator
Arvell Jones Illustrator
Carmine Infantino Illustrator
William Johnson Illustrator
Dan Bulanadi Illustrator
Tony Salmons Illustrator
William Simpson Illustrator
Art Wetherell Illustrator, Cover artist
Kieran Oats Illustrator
John Raunch Illustrator
Peter Knifton Illustrator
Wilf Prigmore Contributor
John Beatty Illustrator
Ferg Handley Contributor
Jamie Delano Contributor
Paul Marshall Illustrator
Simon Williams Illustrator
John Ross Illustrator
Shawn Lee Letterer
Ian Mennell Contributor
James Stayte Illustrator
Max Scheele Illustrator
Mark Beachum Illustrator
Al Williamson Illustrator
Dave Elliot Illustrator
Jade Moede Letterer
Ken Lopez Letterer
Euen Peters Illustrator
Annie H Letterer, Letters
Bob Lewis Illustrator
John Steacy Illustrator
Richard Alan Contributor
Shrapnel Yomtov Illustrator
Harry Candelario Illustrator
Joe Sinnott Illustrator
Ken Steacy Illustrator
John Rauch Illustrator
Abadzis Illustrator
George Royssos Illustrator
Tom Morgan Illustrator
Josie Firmin Illustrator
Bob Wiacek Illustrator
Peter Kirch Letterer
Steve Alan Author
Dave Simons Illustrator
Joe Rousen Letterer
David Elliot Illustrator
Neil Yomtov Illustrator
Frank Milkovich Illustrator, Cover artist
T. Jozwiak Illustrator
Paul Becton Illustrator
Grace Kremer Letterer
Lesley Dalton Cover artist
Joe Del Beato Illustrator
A. Halfacree Letters
Nick Burcham Illustrator
GLOP Letterer
T. M. Cooks Illustrator
Art Thibert Illustrator
Peri Godbold Letterer
Artie Simek Letters
Nick Abadzis Illustrator, Letterer
Kurt Hathaway Letterer
Sophie Heath Letterer
Zac Atkinson Illustrator
HEL Letterer
Baskerville Illustrator
Rod Wigham Illustrator
Robert Atkins Cover artist, Illustrator
Gary Erskine Cover artist, Contributor
Jon D'Agostino Illustrator
James Fry Illustrator
Alister Pearson Cover artist
Corin Howell Illustrator
Alan Davis Cover artist
Andrew Elder Illustrator
Thomas Davis Cover artist
Eric Burns Illustrator
Josh Perez Illustrator
Boo Illustrator
Mario Capaldi Cover artist
P Illustrator
J. M. Woehrel Contributor
David Lloyd Cover artist
Hart Illustrator
Makoto Ono Illustrator
Robin Boutrell Cover artist
Annie Letters
Raymond Chandler Apologies to...
W Illustrator
Frances Farmer Cover artist
Karen Mantlo Letters
Jez Hall Cover artist
David Simons Illustrator
Whitaker's Illustrator
Alan Stevens Cover designer
I Rimmer Editor
Peter Knight Letterer
G. Hart Illustrator
Whitaker Illustrator
Y. Duval Contributor
Bambos Georgiou Cover artist
Place Illustrator
Jack Morelli Letterer
Hans IV Letters
Julie Hughes Letterer
Zed Letterer
Mister Kit Author
Lombard Contributor
Kirk Etienne Cover artist
Cranna Editor
Richard Fisher Cover artist
J. Firmin Illustrator
John Aldrich Letterer
Tom Perkins Illustrator
Scott Letterer
Sunder Raj Illustrator
Simon Bork Illustrator
Aaron Myers Illustrator
Bob Forward Introduction
Juan Castro Cover artist
Klaus Schwerinksi Cover artist
Brian Rood Cover artist
Romulo Fajardo, Jr. Cover artist
Jason Cardy Cover artist
Milx Cover artist
Lucio Parrillo Cover artist
Rob Ruffalo Cover artist
Jake Isenberg Cover artist
Bill Sienkiewicz Cover artist
James Rais Cover artist
Jim Lee Cover artist


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