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The History Today Companion to British History (1995) 300 exemplars, 2 ressenyes
Wartime Britain 1939-1945 (2004) 200 exemplars, 3 ressenyes
The Thirties: An Intimate History (2009) 137 exemplars, 1 ressenya
The Blitz: The British Under Attack (2010) 118 exemplars, 1 ressenya
Who's Who in British History (1998) 97 exemplars, 1 ressenya
Manor House: Life in an Edwardian Country House (2002) 96 exemplars, 1 ressenya
The Brontes at Haworth: The World Within (1992) 81 exemplars, 2 ressenyes
The 1940's House (2000) 52 exemplars
From the Bomb to the "Beatles" (1999) 19 exemplars
The People's War (1991) 18 exemplars
The Children's War (2005) 18 exemplars, 1 ressenya
Joining the Dots: A Woman in Her Time (2017) 17 exemplars, 1 ressenya

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The Long Week-End: A Social History of Great Britain 1918-1939 (1940) — Introducció, algunes edicions470 exemplars, 8 ressenyes
The Village (1952) — Epíleg, algunes edicions207 exemplars, 7 ressenyes
To Bed with Grand Music (1946) — Prefaci, algunes edicions117 exemplars, 7 ressenyes
Slightly Foxed 28: Happy Ever After (2010) — Col·laborador — 30 exemplars
Slightly Foxed 36: Attics with Attitude (2012) — Col·laborador — 21 exemplars
Slightly Foxed 49: Murder at the Majestic (2016) — Col·laborador — 18 exemplars
Books and Bibliography: Essays in Commemoration of Don McKenzie (2003) — Col·laborador — 8 exemplars
1940s House [2001 TV series] (2003) — Book — 7 exemplars


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It's quite a challenge to pick up this book with the intention to read it cover to cover - all 700 or so pages of it. I'm so glad I have. This is a book that fleshes out in considerable detail the knowledge that most of us have - or think we have - of life on the Home Front in WWII. Though scholarly, it's intensely readable, and each chapter is crammed with nuggets of fascinating information, whether it's about evacuees, the unremitting horrors of the Blitz, coping with rationing, wartime crime....anything and everything about daily life in the bleakly difficult years of the war. I'm left with a renewed respect for the citizens who coped with privation, hunger, homelessness, loss and just general dinginess, as well as surprise at the level of lawlessness among certain sections of the population. This book is a really absorbing read.… (més)
Margaret09 | Hi ha 2 ressenyes més | Apr 15, 2024 |
A speedy review of the Bronte sisters' lives, with extracts from their letters and journals. This book is not great on Kindle, due to the frequent illustrations with very long captions, which interrupt the flow of the text and make it a little clumsy for reading. And, honestly, if you've already read the Brontes' letters in full, or if you've read a comprehensive biography, the summing up and skimming over in this book just simply feels like it's not enough. If you want to know about the Brontes, I recommend you search out a more complete volume of their letters and let them tell you about themselves without an intermediary.

There were a number of typos, too, and a photo supposedly of Charlotte Bronte which has, for some years now, been pretty convincingly attributed to Ellen Nussey.
… (més)
Alishadt | Feb 25, 2023 |
For the British, there is perhaps no more iconic event of the 20th century than the Blitz. The German bombing campaign that stretched from September 1940 until June 1941 was an event that people experienced throughout the British isles, from London and the southeast to Belfast in Northern Ireland. As such it was a shared experience, albeit one filtered through the personal circumstances of the individual and their particular experience of the war. Yet for all of the specific moments in which the Blitz touched their lives, it was an inescapable experience for everyone,

Encapsulating this within the covers of a single book is just one of the challenges undertaken by Juliet Gardiner in writing a history of the event. Another is to penetrate the shared mythology of the event that has grown up around it over the decades in order to convey the realities of the experience and the response of its survivors. In both respects her book is an unqualified success, as she moves beyond the "keep calm and carry on" legend to convey a more nuanced portrait of how Britons coped. For while many rose to the challenge, others faltered in response to a crisis unprecedented in its nature. Its impact proved far-reaching, forcing adjustments to a situation that unfolded in ways few anticipated. Gardiner's coverage here is impressively comprehensive, addressing everything from the shifts in official policy to the problems of looting and other criminal activities it spawned.

All of this makes Gardiner's book an excellent read for anyone seeking to learn about the Blitz. Yet its greatest strength is its focus. For while Gardiner addresses the evolution of official policy in response to the attacks, her narrative is centered primarily upon the experiences of the people themselves. By drawing upon contemporary reporting, published accounts, and the oral histories collected years afterward, she provides her readers with a superb study that conveys well the broad impact of the Blitz and its legacy for British history. For as she argues, it was from this event more than any other of the war that the commitment to the postwar "New Jerusalem" was forged. In this respect, the Blitz left an imprint upon Britain in ways that are still visible today, decades after the last craters were filled and bombed sites rebuilt.
… (més)
MacDad | Mar 27, 2020 |
Juliet Gardiner's Wartime is a superb social history of Britain's "Home Front" experience in the Second World War. Drawing both upon the abundant literature about the war and Mass-Observation diaries kept by contemporaries, she gives readers a real sense of what the war was like for the people of Britain. By far the best book about the subject, it is essential reading for anyone interested in learning about how Britons lived, survived, and died during the long conflict that continues to cast its shadow upon the nation.… (més)
MacDad | Hi ha 2 ressenyes més | Mar 27, 2020 |



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