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Elizabeth George (1) (1949–)

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Elizabeth George was born on February 26, 1949, in Warren, Ohio. She received a bachelor's degree in education from the University of California in Riverside and a master's degree in counseling/psychology from California State University at Fullerton. She taught English in high school for about mostra'n més thirteen years before leaving to become a full-time writer. She is the New York Times and internationally best selling author of twenty British crime novels featuring Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley and his unconventional partner Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers. Her novel, A Great Deliverance, won the Anthony Award, the Agatha Award, and France's Le Grand Prix de Literature Policiere in 1989. Her crime novels have been translated into 30 languages and featured on television by the BBC. She is also the author of a young adult series set on the island where she lives in the state of Washington. Her title's include Edge of Light, The Edge of the Shadows, The Edge of the Water, I, Richard, and The Punishment She Deserves. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra'n menys


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Nom oficial
George, Susan Elizabeth
Data de naixement
Lloc de naixement
Warren, Ohio, USA
Llocs de residència
Huntington Beach, California, USA
Seattle, Washington, USA
University of California, Riverside
mystery writer
Premis i honors
Romantic Times Career Achievement Award (Mystery Series, 2003)
Robert Gottlieb (Trident Media Group)
Biografia breu
Elizabeth George, the mystery writer, writes about England to perfection and lives in California and was brought up here.



Isabelle Ardery manages to get Inspector Lynley back to the New Scotland Yard, by asking him to mentor her in her tryout for Superintendent. He has been gone for 5 months, trying to recover from the untimely death of his pregnant wife Helen by a random shooting. The novel covers two seemingly unrelated murders, the child killers of 2-year-old John Dressel, and the murder of Jemima Hastings. When she is found in an old cemetery, killed by a strange tool embedded in her neck, Barbara Havers, Winston Nkata, Hale, and Stewart's team is tasked with finding the killer, supervised and directed by Isabelle. Jemima has recently left her 2-year relationship with Gordon Jossie, a roof thatcher. She lived with him in a cottage on some land they obtained in the New Forest area of Hampshire which allows the free range of ponies. Her brother Rob Hastings, who is not a physically attractive man, but a very committed and nice one, is one of the people tasked with watching over and caring for the ponies and the land. Meredith was Jemima's best friend for many years until they had a falling out over Jemima's need for a man. She decides to bake Jemima a cake for their joint birthday and begins a quest to deliver it to her, when she finds that Jemima has left for London. Meredith believes in going without a man after her disastrous affair with a married man in London resulting in a pregnancy and birth of Cammie her now 6-year-old daughter. The story ranges from chapters that describe the abduction and murder of John Dressel along with the fate of the three 10 and 11-year-old boys responsible, to the chapters that follow along the story of the murder, and subsequent solving of Jemima Hastings' murder and why it happened. It all begins when Jemima abruptly leaves her 2-year relationship with Gordon Jossie and goes to London. Then the story ranges from London, the site of the murder, and Hampshire where Jemima lived with her lover and opened the Cupcake Queen shop before leaving. I am not a fan of the budding relationship between Lynley and Isabelle, a woman teetering on the brink of becoming an alcoholic. Then there is also the interplay between Barbara Havers and her neighbors, Taymullah Azah and his daughter Hadiyyah. The story is based upon the 1993 murder and abduction of the two-year-old James Bulger from the New Strand Shopping Center in Bootle, Liverpool, by two ten-year-old boys, Jon Venables and Robert Thompson, who served 10 years and then were given new names and jobs and recycled into the community. Elizabeth George is seemingly asking if people can be rehabilitated and returned with a new name and profession into a community unaware of their past and are boys who grew up bullied and abused the only ones to blame for their actions since "Abused children carry abuse forward through time."… (més)
baughga | Hi ha 67 ressenyes més | May 9, 2024 |
This was a great read while travelling. Good plot, interesting characters. I'll be reading more of this series.
punkinmuffin | Hi ha 106 ressenyes més | Apr 30, 2024 |
John Lee does a fabulous reading, as always. Elizabeth George’s particularly likable and well developed investigative characters, Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley and Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers, get involved in another psychologically twisted plot that kept me riveted the entire twenty-one and a half hours.
TraSea | Hi ha 51 ressenyes més | Apr 29, 2024 |
Toujours des tas d'idées, des rebondissements, des lieux originaux où se déroule l'intrigue ; elle est très forte cette auteure !
pangee | Hi ha 46 ressenyes més | Mar 15, 2024 |



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