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Nina George was born on August 30, 1973 in Bielefeld Germany. Shs is a German writer, best known as the author of The Little Paris Bookshop. She has published 26 books (novels, mysteries and non-fiction) as well as over hundred short stories and more than 600 columns. George has worked as a cop mostra'n més reporter, columnist and managing editor for a wide range of publications, including Hamburger Abendblatt, Die Welt, Der Hamburger, as well as TV Movie and Federwelt. In 2012 and 2013 she won the DeLiA and the Glauser-Prize. In 2014, she delivered the keynote address in Berlin at the German Writer¿s Conference to 140 attending writers. She made the New York Tmes Best Seller List in 2015 with her title The Little Paris Bookshop. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra'n menys

Inclou el nom: Nina George

Inclou també: Nina Kramer (2)

Nota de desambiguació:

(dut) Jean Bagnol is een gezamenlijk pseud. van Nina George en haar man Jens J. Kramer

Crèdit de la imatge: Nina Kramer

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The Little Paris Bookshop (2013) 3,700 exemplars
The Little French Bistro (2017) 821 exemplars
The Book of Dreams (2016) 225 exemplars
The Little Village of Book Lovers (2019) 108 exemplars
Die Schönheit der Nacht (2018) 15 exemplars
Dunkle Ziffern (2019) 3 exemplars
Frauen in der Buchhandlung (2022) 3 exemplars
Wie der Teufel es will (2008) 2 exemplars
Si proche, si loin (2017) 2 exemplars
Väike Prantsuse restoran (2020) 2 exemplars
Ein Leben ohne mich (2008) 2 exemplars

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Nom oficial
George, Nina
Altres noms
Kramer, Nina
West, Anne
Data de naixement
Lloc de naixement
Bielefeld, Noordrijn-Westfalen, Duitsland
Llocs de residència
Hamburg, Duitsland
Bretagne, Frankrijk
Kramer, Jens J. (echtg.)
Bagnol, Jean (gezamenlijk pseud.)
Nota de desambiguació
Jean Bagnol is een gezamenlijk pseud. van Nina George en haar man Jens J. Kramer



A Harlequin Romance cloaked in a philosophical treatise on the power of books to heal emotional bruises. The men in the book are Peter Pans refusing to grow up. The only compelling voice is that of Perdu's lost love Manon who earned this book an additional star with quotable musings on life and life as depicted in books.
jemisonreads | Hi ha 205 ressenyes més | Jan 22, 2024 |
I couldn't finish this book. It started out great. I liked the idea of a bookseller matching books to customers. But it quickly veered off that topic to the bookseller's long lost love which wasn't so interesting to me.
ellink | Hi ha 205 ressenyes més | Jan 22, 2024 |
[b:The Little Paris Bookshop|23278537|The Little Paris Bookshop|Nina George||42866547]
First Book of the Year!

My friend Kelli read this on an eight-hour flight home and she texts me saying I would love it and she is so right. This author is new to me and after this I am a big fan! Monsieur Perdu owns a floating bookstore aboard a barge located on the Seine. With his bookstore he can prescribe just the perfect book to dispel someone's fears, problems, and social anxieties. That is with one exception himself. Twenty-one years earlier the love of his life left him and left him only a letter, which he never read because he came across it twenty-one years later and has lived with his heartbreak ever since. He finally reads the long-lost letter and sets sail for the south of France with a young, famous author on board, who is hiding from his fame and looking for inspiration for his next book. Then once on their travels they pick up an Italian chef. The journey these men partake in is described as both internal and external experience, sometimes together, sometimes apart. Believe me you will be touched by their journey.

This novel is enchanting, warm, and filled with memorable characters. There are so many beautiful literary quotes in this book anyone who loves to read will be delighted by it, not to mention the wonderful quotes about the power of reading. Further the French countryside is alive and beautiful as rendered by George. She is a wonderful wordsmith. I can see why my friend read this in eight hours it draws you in and holds you there and the pictures that are drawn with this tale will stay with me for a lifetime. Highly recommended and will read again.

… (més)
b00kdarling87 | Hi ha 205 ressenyes més | Jan 7, 2024 |
This was not what i was expecting.

Having read Nina's previous two books and totally loved them, i just grabbed this with a quick glance at the cover art and title and set about reading it thinking i was going to have a similarly uplifting story about dreams.   Well that thought soon got put out to pasture.

Instead, we are taken into the intensive care ward of a coma hospital, and the dreams are those that people living in comas may, or may not, have.

Which does sound a little grim, but it turned out just as good, but in a rather different way, as Nina's last two books: so well worth reading, all three of them.

And i already have Nina's next book, The Little French Village of Book Lovers — Nina George, which i look forward to diving into in the not too distant future.

Bye for now.
… (més)
5t4n5 | Hi ha 20 ressenyes més | Dec 26, 2023 |



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