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The Great Planes (1970) 96 exemplars
Rethinking Cold War Culture (2001) — Editor — 28 exemplars
The flier's world (1976) 20 exemplars
The Elect (2005) 12 exemplars

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Encyclopedia of the American Left (1990) — Col·laborador, algunes edicions105 exemplars
The Tudors: The Complete Series (2010) — Darsteller — 27 exemplars


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Thanks to Kirkus Review, the author and the publisher.

I sometimes give books second chance because it's a book I want to try again or I put it down for another book. This was one of them.

Not sure how to review this book. It was a fast and easy read since it was only 148 pages, but the plot wasn't that interesting to me besides that a junior associate at his law firm was a co-executor of a will which is just plain strange, thanks to his boss. Was it a set up? Things kept cropping up with different wills, etc. There's maybe a little romance on Adam's part with Sally, a paralegal who's helping him with unraveling this case. Things were a little mysterious when they uncovered some other things with this will.

The ending was somewhat what I expected with both his job and Sally but no romance.
… (més)
sweetbabyjane58 | Jun 18, 2024 |
Saint-Exupery, Rickenbacker, Richthofen, Fokker & DeHavilland, Harald Penrose and Bert Stiles, Charles Lindbergh, Ernest Gann, Richard Bach, Scott Crossfield, and Michael Collins, neville Shute, Francis Chichester, W.H. Auden
MasseyLibrary | Feb 13, 2024 |
In "The Flier's World," James Gilbert shares his vast knowledge and experience with aircrafts and flying. Topics include aviation history, theory of flight, weather, navigation, and instruments, aerobatics, travel, racing, military airmen, home-built airplanes, and multiengine planes. Heavily illustrated with colorful photographs, some of which were taken by Gilbert himself.
MasseyLibrary | Feb 5, 2024 |
480 Mediterranean Diet Air Fryer Cookbook: Healthy Affordable Tasty Air Fried Recipes for Your Successful Mediterranean Diet, Save Cooking Time and Eat Less Oil, Everyone Should Try These Recipes by James Gilbert
This book starts out with table of contents were recipes are broken up into meals and food categories.
Introduction has a lot to it, about your new air fryer and what it will do for you.
History of the Mediterranean meals and the changes your body will experience if you use foods in this book.
Each recipe starts with a title, cook time, servings.
List of ingredients is included and you should be able to substitute for your healthier dietary needs: low far, low sugar, low sodium and fresh vs. canned items.
Directions are given and there are NO pictures.
Some nutritional information per serving includes calories, total fat - NOT broken up into good or bad, carbs and protein.
Recipes do NOT always start at the top of a new page.
There are some great recipes using cranberries that I want to try.
Conversion tables are listed at the end. Guide to common air fryer cooking times.
… (més)
jbarr5 | Sep 18, 2020 |

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