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Gail Godwin was born on June 18, 1937, in Birmingham, Ala. and graduated from the University of North Carolina and University of Iowa. Godwin writes about strong women, a perspective she gathered from her own life. After her father abandoned her at an early age, she was raised by her mother and mostra'n més grandmother. Her father eventually returned on the day of her high school graduation and she lived with him for a brief period before he ultimately shot and killed himself. Godwin worked as a reporter for The Miami Herald, and later as a travel consultant before achieving her fame as a writer. Godwin's novels are about contemporary women, frequently Southern, who search for meaning in their lives. In Glass People, the heroine is a beautiful woman who learns that her husband is merely obsessed with her beauty and unconcerned about her as a person. Other popular titles include The Odd Woman and The Good Husband. Godwin has been the recipient of several honors including a Guggenheim Fellowship and an Award in Literature from the American Institute and Academy of Arts and Letters. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra'n menys

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Evensong (1999) 807 exemplars
Father Melancholy's Daughter (1997) 611 exemplars
Unfinished Desires (2010) 424 exemplars
Flora: A Novel (2013) 392 exemplars
The Finishing School (1984) 353 exemplars
The Good Husband (1994) 337 exemplars
A Mother and Two Daughters (1982) 324 exemplars
A Southern Family (1987) 311 exemplars
Grief Cottage (2017) 262 exemplars
The Odd Woman (1974) 233 exemplars
Queen of the Underworld (2006) 207 exemplars
Evenings at Five (2003) 193 exemplars
Violet Clay (1978) 134 exemplars
Old Lovegood Girls (2020) 104 exemplars
Mr. Bedford and the Muses (1983) 77 exemplars
Publishing: A Writer's Memoir (2015) 71 exemplars
The Perfectionists (1970) 69 exemplars
Glass People (1972) 64 exemplars
The Best American Short Stories 1985 (1985) — Editor — 61 exemplars
Dream Children: Stories (1976) 44 exemplars
Selected Shorts: Pets! (2007) 2 exemplars
Den gode ægtemand (1997) 1 exemplars

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On the outside, Jane Clifford has everything going for her. She is a respected professor, teaching Women in Literature (the British section) at a Midwestern college, but secretly Jane is a neurotic mess. She lives vicariously through the beloved characters of literature; every character is either a friend or a mentor or a villain. She gets all of her advice from these imaginary people. Poor Jane doesn't know how to relate to people in the real world, especially her own mother. The death of her stylish grandmother sends Jane down upsetting memory lanes especially when she returns to her childhood home for the funeral.
To make matters worse, Jane's love life revolves around a married man who has no plans to leave his wife. Gabriel patronizes Jane by being controlling and condescending and like a good girl, she puts up with it. He gently admonishes and corrects and chides. Pay attention to the language Godwin uses about Gabriel and his hands. He is always "trapping" Jane's hand in his own. He holds all the cards because he is the married one.
In the end I didn't know whether to cheer on Jane or cry for her.
… (més)
SeriousGrace | Hi ha 4 ressenyes més | May 21, 2024 |
A light read about her ups and downs writing and getting her books published.
What a cutthroat industry.
GeoffSC | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | Oct 26, 2023 |
k6gst | Hi ha 7 ressenyes més | Aug 2, 2023 |
Here's what I wrote in 2008 about this read: "A light vacation read. Pastors pastoring in their small towns; a sequel to an earlier novel which I did not read."
MGADMJK | Hi ha 8 ressenyes més | Jul 27, 2023 |



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