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Jo Graham has practiced in Pagan and Hermetic traditions for more than thirty years, including leading an eclectic circle for nearly a decade. She has studied the classical world extensively and today mainly works in traditions based on the Hellenistic Cult of Isis. Jo lives with her family in mostra'n més North Carolina. She is the author of twenty-five books. mostra'n menys

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Black Ships (2008) 702 exemplars
Hand of Isis (2009) 325 exemplars
Stealing Fire (2010) 134 exemplars
Homecoming (2010) 121 exemplars
The Lost (2011) 88 exemplars
Lost Things (2012) 76 exemplars
Death Game (2010) 68 exemplars
The Furies (2012) 53 exemplars
Secrets (2012) 48 exemplars
The Inheritors (2013) 42 exemplars
The Emperor's Agent (2013) 41 exemplars
The General's Mistress (2012) 39 exemplars
Steel Blues (2013) 38 exemplars
Third Path (2015) 30 exemplars
Unascended (2014) 30 exemplars
The Marshal's Lover (2017) 24 exemplars
Moebius Squared (2012) 23 exemplars
Silver Bullet (2014) 22 exemplars
Oath Bound (2015) — Autor — 20 exemplars
Cythera (2013) 20 exemplars
Far Horizons (2014) 19 exemplars
Winter (2020) 11 exemplars
The great wheel (2020) 8 exemplars
Warlady (The Calpurnian Wars) (2022) 4 exemplars
Country Gentlemen [1936 film] (1936) — Writer — 1 exemplars


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Back in the 1990s, there was a time when I considered Melissa Scott appointment reading, when she was writing space fiction with a filigree of cyberpunk. Situations change though and Scott fell out of my reading rotation, mostly because I don't read tie-in novels and Scott's idea of fantasy didn't appeal to me.

Flash forward 30 or so years, and one day I was wondering what Scott has been up to, in part when thinking about a constellation of female writers from the 1990s who are either out of circulation, or are no longer with us, and discovered "The Order of the Air." My thought being this should be right up my alley.

Unfortunately, the execution did not match my hopes. The high concept is cool. The prose is better than workmanlike. The characters are at least acceptable. The big problem is that this story has all the narrative snap of a wet noodle. I plowed through it but the overall execution doesn't make me want to rush right out and hunt down the rest of the series. To put it another way, all the components were there for a thriller, or a story of gothic atmosphere, but Mmes Scott & Graham just didn't seem to have that sort of novel in them, and that's unfortunate. Silvia Moreno-Garcia would have had a field day with this material.

My final thought is that narrative drive might always have been a problem with Scott's novels, even in her prime writing for Tor, and that's why I don't remember those novels better.
… (més)
Shrike58 | Hi ha 4 ressenyes més | Mar 31, 2024 |
This retelling of the Aeneid follows a young priestess of the Lady of the Death from the Pylos, where her Trojan mother had been enslaved, to a voyage on the Mediterranean while Aeneas and the others who remain seek a new place for themselves.
queen_ypolita | Hi ha 86 ressenyes més | Mar 22, 2024 |
Lydias of Miletus, formerly a slave's son and horse groom, sneaked out to join Alexander's army after Hephaistion bought a horse from Lydias's former master. Now Alexander is dead, the successors are warring over regency while Roxane's son is an infant, and Ptolemy sets Lydias to divert Alexander's hearse for Egypt. Reading this right after Philip and Alexander made for a nice contrast in terms of telling stories and evoking myths, and while featuring the succession wars, focused on building Alexandria and finding a way to live outside Alexander's adventures.… (més)
queen_ypolita | Hi ha 24 ressenyes més | Nov 10, 2023 |
Cathery | Hi ha 86 ressenyes més | Jul 15, 2023 |



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