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Lesley Grant-Adamson was born in Islington, north London in 1942. She attended Dame Alice Owen School and after graduating, worked as a journalist in London until the early '70s, when she joined the London staff of The Guardian. In 1981 she left The Guardian to write fiction, but for a time did mostra'n més freelance writing for newspapers, magazines and television, until her first book, Patterns of Dust was published and established her reputation as a writer of detective fiction. Her second book, The Face of Death, made her name as a writer of suspense.Together she and her husband wrote A Season in Spain, a portrait of the Alpujarra region of Andalusia where they lived from 1991 to 1993. Grant-Adamson has written 15 novels, and her short stories have appeared in literary magazines, women's magazines and anthologies. Grant-Adamson teaches creative writing courses and was the first writer of crime fiction to be appointed writer in residence at a British university. She was Writer in Residence at Nottingham Trent University and the East Midland Arts area in 1994. Her book for the Teach Yourself series, Writing Crime and Suspense Fiction, was an immediate success. She is a member of the Society of Authors, the Royal Society of Literature, the Welsh Academy, East Anglia Writers and the Crime Writers' Association. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra'n menys


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Flynn (1991) 50 exemplars
Patterns in the Dust (1985) 39 exemplars
The Face of Death (1985) 37 exemplars
Guilty Knowledge (1986) 35 exemplars
Wild Justice (1987) 33 exemplars
Threatening Eye (1988) 29 exemplars
Curse the Darkness (1990) 18 exemplars
Lipstick and Lies (1998) 18 exemplars
Writing Crime Fiction (1999) 16 exemplars
Evil Acts (1996) 13 exemplars
Undertow (1999) 11 exemplars
The Dangerous Edge (1993) 11 exemplars
A Life of Adventure (1992) 11 exemplars
The Girl in the Case (1997) 10 exemplars
Wish You Were Here (1995) 10 exemplars
Dangerous Games (1995) 6 exemplars
Cuckoo in the Wood 1 exemplars

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It's time for reporter Rain Morgan's holiday, and she has been offered the use of her friend & co-worker's cousin's cottage in Somerset. Right off the bat, she is present when an archaeologist uncovers the body of a woman. This gets her curiosity up, but when there's a murder in the little village of Nether Hampton, Rain senses there's more than just a newspaper story here. It seems that Nether Hampton has its secrets, and some people will do anything to keep them quiet.

Good intro to this series; but having read a later Rain Morgan novel, I know they get better. I would recommend it to people who like British mysteries and people who like stories set in small British villages.… (més)
bcquinnsmom | Nov 17, 2008 |
What an annoying heroine and an unlikely premise. The author should have done a word count on the word "laughing" which was emplyed at least a dozen times to convey the character of the main protagonist. Some clunky writing and a less than gripping plot, which just fizzles out at the end left me underwhelmed.
saliero | Feb 13, 2008 |
Let's face it. I read A LOT of mysteries and I love the genre. That's not to say I love all of the mysteries that I read. It seems that I am always looking for mysteries which are intelligent and well plotted; you know, the ones that hold your interest to the end. These, I must say, are few and far between. So when I find one that I like, I want to sing its praises, because I don't always read current works, nor do I limit myself to the bestsellers listed in the NYT. I had no clue about this author, but since her work falls under the category of British mysteries, I picked up one or two of her books at the local used-book store. Having just finished one of these, I must say that I've found an author I can really enjoy, if her other books are as good as this one. If you like a good mystery, you'll like this one.

Here's a brief look without a single spoiler:
Rain Morgan is a journalist in London, working mostly with gossip, but she has an opportunity to interview a famous artist in France and takes it. Actually, her boyfriend suggests the trip, but when she goes to meet this elusive person, things start getting weird from the start. The artist is not where she said she was going to be, and Rain is asked to meet her aboard a yacht. It is obvious that everyone there is trying to prevent Rain from meeting with the artist directly, and another meeting for dinner is scheduled the next day. Rain gets there late, and on entering the yacht, hears the artist in an argument with a man. She leaves the yacht, goes and sits at a local cafe; on her way back she sees people staring at something in the water. As she goes to see what's caught their attention, to her horror she notes that it's the artist she'd come to interview. And to make matters worse, the police think she may have had something to do with the artist's death! So not only does she have to clear herself, but other incidents crop up that put Rain in danger.

The author's writing is quite good and I appreciated the intelligence of the mystery.
… (més)
bcquinnsmom | Mar 21, 2007 |
Rather mundane haunting story where Grace buys a serial killers' house and starts to have things bump in the night.
wyvernfriend | Sep 25, 2005 |


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