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"George Grant" comprèn com a mínim 3 autors diferents, dividits per les seves obres.

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George Grant (1)

Best Friends (1998) 18 exemplars

George Grant (desconegut)

George Washington (1889) — Pròleg, algunes edicions37 exemplars
Defining Moments: The Civil War (2005) 17 exemplars
Christmas Spirit (1999) 16 exemplars
Killers (2006) 11 exemplars
A Very Luther Christmas (2020) 4 exemplars

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(2) Canadian Political Philosopher, whose full name is George Parkin Grant (1918-1988). He is the author of Lament for a Nation, Time as History and sundry other titles here. (3)George Grant who wrote 'The New Highland Military Discipline of 1757" was an 18th Century British Army officer, of whom little else is known at this time. There was also a Canadian Presbyterian minister named George Monro Grant who lived from 1835-1902. His most well known work was Ocean to Ocean. (1)George Grant (1954-), the contemporary Presbyterian pastor and author, is the author of over 40 books that are listed on his biography (link on right).