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This book is helpful but it isn't thorough enough in terms of the possible side effects or unwanted outcomes in the section about spells, potions (knowing what the ingredients "tools" for the spells, potions are or where to obtain them from, how to use it or if it's safe to consume/ingest would be helpful or necessary to avoid accidentally poisoning yourself or unknowingly giving yourself a allergic reaction)
I would have found it helpful, if images of the different varieties of a herb, Crystal or other ingredients for the spells were included in the book (since not everyone is knowledgeable about all the ingredients) or information about where they are sold.
I have no idea what the author mean whenever she mentions you should "allow for any brewed tea, or concoction/potion for a spell/ritual to "steep" before you use, consume/ingest as part of a spell, ritual, potion.
The author doesn't mention which crystals are safe to add to moon water/rain water, normal water if you want to use it for a spell, ritual (other than raw crystals are not okay to use in water)
I don't understand what the author means when they mention essential oils and they say "use a carrier oil of your choice" Not all essential oil can be used on your skin and could cause a allergic reaction, for a author trying to educate people about witchcraft, and they don't seem very informed themselves and they should do more research before trying to tell others about witchcraft.
A lot of people claim to be a so-called "expert" about witchcraft, but some people just want to sell their book and gain attention.
(No offence to the author I just believe that some people want to spread misinformation about witchcraft/the occult is general which can be harmful)
The author doesn't mention anything about your intuition, that your emotions, mindset are a form of energy and this effect's the outcome of any spell, ritual in either a positive, negative way or in terms of unexpected and unwanted side effects, plus depending on the type of witchcraft it is some things can't be undone, such as blood magick.
The author also doesn't mention any further reading list of other books that are more in-depth and would be helpful to read about the same or similar subject. It would have been helpful if there was a index and the spells were listed in categories to easily find a spell or any information I wanted to read to refer to a particular section for specific information.
Not all the information in the book is useless, but some of it is misguided and could be potentially dangerous to impressionable people that may or may not have good intentions when witchcraft is involved.
There is no mention whatsoever about your intentions (weather good or bad) when you create a spell, or use a spell, ritual from a book or from online, your intentions, mindset, or emotions matter when you perform a spell, ritual. It is a good idea to keep your energy, emotions, aura balanced, always cleanse yourself, bathe before you perform a spell, always give thanks to any spirits, entities, deities-goddesses, gods etc.. Cleanse the space where you perform spells, rituals before and after practising witchcraft to cleanse negative energy from yourself or others.
Always perform a spell when you have a positive mindset, meditate, listen to music, make sure your not disturbed. This should be obvious, but I understand not everyone is knowledgeable about witchcraft.
Whatever energy you send out into the universe which is good/bad will come back to you in the form of karma, so the results of a spell can be unpredictable, or it can have unwanted side effects, this should be made abundantly clear at the beginning of the book! I would appreciate more variety of spells from different spiritual paths for different purposes other than just generic spells for love, breaking up with your ex etc..
I want to read about spells for further development of psychic abilities, to be able to communicate with spirits, entities, animals, to heal, transmute negative energy/pain into positive energy etc..

Helpful information in the book: The lunar phases, astrology, information about how to perform spells, more information should/could have been added to particular sections in the book.
It seems like this is a unfinished book, or one of many books.
It would be helpful to know what possible side effects could occur if any spells didn't work or if there are/would be unwanted consequences as a result of Not correctly performing the spell.
I do find some things in the book helpful, but it would have be nice if there were a few spells mentioned in the book for specific purposes, since the book seems a bit vague on details when it could have been more thorough.
Overall I think this book requires revision or additional information, to be more in depth so that people weather they are adept at witchcraft or a novice know and understand the consequences of witchcraft, so they take it seriously and treat it with respect.
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EvilCreature | Sep 7, 2022 |



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