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I knew based on the premise that Thirsty would be tugging on my heart, but I'm not sure I knew just how much. Though this book is quite a raw portrayal of its themes of addiction, trying to fit in, and feeling unworthy, it is written in a way that feels well targeted to its YA audience. I would recommend this for older teens as they near the end of high school, and are transitioning into college and adulthood.
Thirsty is great at putting you into the mind of the main character, Blake, including the way it was formatted. I think that attention to detail really added to the experience.
I do definitely urge readers to check the content warnings before reading this story (they are included at the beginning of the book). Hammonds introduced conversations concerning race and gender, and also on attitudes around drinking, so well. Often concerns are dismissed around these topics if someone's life hasn't been completely destroyed yet, and Jas challenges that mindset with this book. I think this story could be a great way to introduce or jumpstart discussions that people (me) have been avoiding with family and friends.
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cohostamy | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | May 24, 2024 |
Trigger Warnings: (as per beginning of novel) alcohol addiction, self-hatred, suicidal ideation, racial microaggressions, transphobic thetoric, and non-consensual outing

During the summer before college, Blake, her girlfriend, Ella, and their best friend, Annetta have one goal: join the exclusive Serena Society at their college. The sorority promises status and lifelong connections to a network of powerful, trailblazing women of color. Ella’s acceptance is a certainty - so is Annetta really - both of their mothers are Serena’s alum. However, Blake has a lot more to prove.

Blake comes from a working-class background and lacks confidence, nothing like Ella. Luckily, she finds courage with drops of liquor because when she drinks, she becomes Big Bad Bee - funny, bold, and unstoppable. But, as Serena pledging intensifies, so does Blake’s drinking, but it doesn’t stop at just partying. Ella assures Blake that she’s fine; nothing she’s doing isn’t what needs to be done to make the cut.

But the closer she gets to success, the more Blake’s drowning. With her future so bright ahead, Blake must decide how far she’s willing to go and to lose to step into the bright light of her dreams.

I absolutely adored Jas Hammond’s debut novel, We Deserve Monuments, so I’ve been highly anticipating their second novel since they announced it on their Instagram. Goodness, this doesn’t disappoint.

Blake was such a complex character - one that made it so hard to keep rooting for her as she continuously turned to alcohol, but I wanted her happy ending and was proud of her when she really tried. On top of trying to get into the Serena Society, Blake is not only navigating the transition between high school life and college but also her identity, her past, and what that means for her future and her place in the world.

I also love the relationship we see between both Blake and Ella and Blake and Annetta and how both characters interact with her. We see the type of support (or lack of support) that they give Blake and how she responds to it and it gives the characters more depth and realistic interactions.

Overall, this is a wonderful coming of age novel about an 18-year-old and her relationship with both drinking and those around her. I would somewhat argue that this novel could fall under the New Adult genre and not YA, but could see it being either.
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oldandnewbooksmell | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | May 22, 2024 |
Gr 9 Up—When Avery's family moves down South to take care of her terminally ill grandmother, secrets long buried
are brought to light. This debut is a bittersweet look at navigating trauma through three generations of women that
doesn't shy away from the complex relationships that tie them to their roots.
BackstoryBooks | Hi ha 21 ressenyes més | Apr 1, 2024 |
Avery is a senior in high school when she suddenly move to the small town in Georgia (from DC) where her grandmother is currently dying. She hasn't seen her Mama Letty or been back to Georgia since a family fight she can't remember when she was five or six.
She meets her people Simone and Jade. But as she works to develop a relationship with Mama Letty she learns about the past and the pain, turning her world upside down.
It's a coming of age story, it's a story of racism's impact on families, it's a story of identity and queerness. Beautiful and painful. On the Lincoln list for 2025.… (més)
ewyatt | Hi ha 21 ressenyes més | Mar 16, 2024 |





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