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Orlando, Florida, USA



Like many other people who responded, I was very disappointed by the stiffness of the characters and the lack of nuance in general.
asendor | Hi ha 82 ressenyes més | Feb 15, 2024 |
WWII Paris
Artist’s wife, herself a sculptor, is neglected by her husband. After her husband is killed by Nazis and while their daughter is still young, she must leave her to save both if their lives. The family she lives with suffers a bombing where only the mother and Elise’s daughter survive.
Engrossing story but lacking je ne sais quoi.
bereanna | Hi ha 20 ressenyes més | Jan 25, 2024 |
The book was highly recommended and I know why. It is well written with likable and believable characters and the historical background is genuine. I’ve read about how the Jews were rounded up in France (and elsewhere) and shipped off to prison camps. The way Jews were treated was despicable and heartbreaking.

I had no idea how complicated the underground forgery cells (units) were and how and where they operated. Nor the risks that all those helping the Jews escape were exposed to every day. The author thoroughly researched the forgery units and also the facts about the Germans looting books. I didn’t know there are real people today, trying to reunite the stolen books with their rightful owners.

Eva Traube watches as her father is taken away by soldiers. She has to help her mother escape Paris and find safety. Her mother is not only distraught but she cannot fathom that their world has drastically changed. Eva learns to look out for both of them and then to help others escape the Nazis. She has courage and brains and compassion. She has to battle her mother’s delusions that her father will return and live with her mother’s negativity about Eva’s role as a forger and as a woman falling in love. Remy and Pere Clement add so much to the story.

The story is also told from Eva as an 87 year old, semi retired librarian who has not shared her past with her son. She learns of the existence of the book she used to record the real identities of the children for whom she made new identities and she is driven to obtain it.

My life is enriched after reading this historical novel and learning of those that gave so much to help others.
… (més)
LuLibro | Hi ha 82 ressenyes més | Jan 22, 2024 |
Rose McKenna liebt den Abend. Wenn am Himmel über Cape Cod die ersten Sterne sichtbar werden, erinnert sie sich – an die Menschen, die sie liebte und verlor, und von denen sie nie jemandem erzählte. Doch Rose weiß, dass es bald zu spät sein wird, denn sie hat Alzheimer. Bald wird niemand mehr an das junge Paar denken, das sich einst die Liebe versprach ... 1942 in Paris. Als sie ihre Enkelin Hope bittet, nach Frankreich zu reisen, ahnt diese nichts von der herzzerreißenden Geschichte, die sie dort entdecken wird – von Hoffnung, Schmerz und einer alles überwindenden Liebe ...

In dieser wunderschönen Familien- und Liebesgeschichte spielt das Backen eine große Rolle. Passend dazu finden Sie 21 zusätzliche Rezepte der Autorin im exklusiv als E-Book erscheinenden „Himmlische Sterne und andere Köstlichkeiten". (
… (més)
Hoppetosse1 | Hi ha 23 ressenyes més | Jan 22, 2024 |



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