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"George Hart" comprèn com a mínim 9 autors diferents, dividits per les seves obres.

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George Hart (5)

Warfare (1997) 3 exemplars

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#1 George Hart, 1945- is the prolific author about Egypt.

#2 Hart, George, 1922- wrote A Semantic and Structural Analysis of James.

#3 George Hart, 1839-1891, wrote about the violin.

#4 Transcontinental Pedestrians was written by George Edward Hart, 1914- .

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#6 Kavya in South India: Old Tamil Cankam Poetry was written by George L. Hart (not the same author as George Leslie Hart).

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#8 George Leslie Hart co-wrote Literature and the Environment.

#9 Hart, George, 1921- wrote The Punch and Judy Murders