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Johnny Hart (1931–2007)

Autor/a de Hey! B.C.

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Crèdit de la imatge: Photo courtesy of the Hart family/Studios. Used by permission.


Obres de Johnny Hart

Hey! B.C. (1959) 152 exemplars
Back to B.C. (1961) 140 exemplars
B.C. Strikes Back (1962) 138 exemplars
B.C. Right On (1973) 133 exemplars
B.C. Cave In (1973) 130 exemplars
The King is a Fink! (1969) 120 exemplars
B.C. is Alive and Well! (1965) 120 exemplars
B.C. on the Rocks (1971) 118 exemplars
What's New, B.C.? (1968) 118 exemplars
Hurray for B.C. (1745) 110 exemplars
Take a Bow, B.C. (1970) 109 exemplars
The Wondrous Wizard of Id (1970) 106 exemplars
B.C. Big Wheel! (1969) 105 exemplars
B.C. Dip in Road (1969) 101 exemplars
B.C. Great Zot I'm Beautiful (1971) 96 exemplars
There's a Fly in My Swill! (1973) 95 exemplars
B.C. One More Time (1973) 95 exemplars
The Wizard of Id: Yield! (1974) 94 exemplars
B.C. Truckin on Down (1975) 91 exemplars
B.C. It's a Funny World (1969) 88 exemplars
B.C. Where the Hell is Heck? (1978) 82 exemplars
I, B.C. (1974) 77 exemplars
The Wizard's Back (1973) 76 exemplars
Help Stamp Out Grapes (1978) 75 exemplars
Charge! (1978) 68 exemplars
Long Live the King! (1975) 68 exemplars
Let There Be Reign (1977) 67 exemplars
I'm Off to See the Wizard (1976) 66 exemplars
Ala Ka Zot! (1979) 64 exemplars
B.C. A Clam for Your Thoughts (1981) 52 exemplars
B.C. No Two Sexes Are Alike (1832) 46 exemplars
B.C. Life Goes On (1978) 41 exemplars
B.C. Rides Again (1988) 35 exemplars
My Kingdom for a Horsie (1984) 35 exemplars
The Lone Haranguer Rides Again (1982) 33 exemplars
I Dig Freedom (1985) 29 exemplars
B.C. ...Why Me? (1979) 29 exemplars
Abra Cadaver! (1983) 28 exemplars
Suspended Sentence Indeed! (1984) 28 exemplars
The Best of Wizard of Id (2009) 27 exemplars
Strike the Sot! (1988) 26 exemplars
Pick a Card, Any Card (1986) 22 exemplars
The Return of B.C. Rides Again (1989) 19 exemplars
B.C. Lovers Leap (1985) 19 exemplars
B.C. Color Me Sunday (1977) 17 exemplars
B.C., a B.C. Collection (1990) 16 exemplars
My Vat Runneth Over (1989) 16 exemplars
The Fing is a Kink! (1985) 14 exemplars
L'alfabeto preistorico di B.C. (1973) 13 exemplars
The Best of B.C. (2016) 13 exemplars
L'antichissimo mondo di B.C. (1970) 12 exemplars
Ta-Da! (1990) 10 exemplars
Velho 2 5 exemplars
Velho 5 exemplars
Pulteri 5 exemplars
B.C. Reinvents the Wheel (2012) 5 exemplars
The Wizard of Id 5 exemplars
Down With the King! (1982) 5 exemplars
B.C. A Special Christmas (1981) 4 exemplars
The Spell is Cast (1991) 4 exemplars
The Bumper Book of B.C. (1981) 4 exemplars
Beauty is Only Hide Deep! (1982) 4 exemplars
The Bigger Book of B.C. (1983) 4 exemplars
Happy 21st Wiz! (1985) 3 exemplars
A Big Hand for B.C. (1983) 3 exemplars
A Right Royal Runt! (1982) 3 exemplars
The Way-Out Wizard of Id (1979) 3 exemplars
B. C. in 24 lezioni 3 exemplars
B.C. Mammoth Size No. 6 (1982) 3 exemplars
Kingdom of Mystery (1991) 3 exemplars
Blanch Blasts Off! 3 exemplars
Leve B.C. 3 exemplars
The Weird & Wacky Wizard of Id (1984) 2 exemplars
Le Magicien Série 2 (1975) 2 exemplars
Näläkämoan noeta (2001) 2 exemplars
Mago Wiz 2 exemplars
B.C. is the Best 2 exemplars
Pulterin parhaat I 2 exemplars
B.C. Goes Bananas! 2 exemplars
Oerm 2 exemplars
Wizard of Id (2008) 2 exemplars
Here Comes B.C. (1987) 2 exemplars
Le Magicien d'Id - 1 (2001) 2 exemplars
B.C. Stenåldershumor #1 (1989) 2 exemplars
Pulterin parhaat II 2 exemplars
B.C. No. 3 1 exemplars
Geração Lasca 1 exemplars
Take a Break, B.C. (1984) 1 exemplars
Think Big, B.C. (1986) 1 exemplars
B.C. Mammoth Size No. 8 (1985) 1 exemplars
B.C. Mammoth Size No. 1 & 2 (1978) 1 exemplars
Il ‰meglio di B.C. (1991) 1 exemplars
The Wizard of Id #3 1 exemplars
Il Codice Segreto di B. C. (1976) 1 exemplars
Ampu tulee! 1 exemplars
B.C. From A. To D. (1981) 1 exemplars
Pulteri 1 1 exemplars
Il Sole Va Su e poi Giù (1981) 1 exemplars
B.C. Los Primitivos 1 & 2 (1981) 1 exemplars
Trollmannen fra Id (1986) 1 exemplars
Trollkarlen från Id. 1 (1986) 1 exemplars
The Best Sunday of B.C. (1964) 1 exemplars
What the Heck is a Friend (1967) 1 exemplars

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Nom oficial
Hart, John Lewis
Altres noms
Hart, Johnny
Data de naixement
Data de defunció
Lloc d'enterrament
Nineveh Presbyterian Cemetery, New York
Llocs de residència
New York, USA
Union Endicott High School (Endicott, NY|1949)
Premis i honors
Reuben Award (1968)
Public Service Award (NASA) 1972
National Cartoonists Society
Adamson Award
Biografia breu
B.C. comic strip, Wizard of ID



B.C. has gotten better with age, but some of these were still pretty funny.
bness2 | Hi ha 2 ressenyes més | Aug 20, 2021 |
In 2018, I am making a dedicated effort to enjoy reading backlist books from my own shelves and to re-visit some favorite nostalgia reads. The B.C. cartoon books by Johnny Hart always made me laugh as a teenager back in the 80s. I decided it would be fun to revisit Hart's hilarious Caveman (and Cavewoman) antics to see what the adult me thinks of the humor. I'm so glad I did.....I had such a good time re-reading this book after so many years! :) Put a big smile on my face.

Johnny Hart's B.C. cartoons feature several cavemen and cavewomen. The two cavewomen are feminists...or at least try to be. One is rather plump and the other is blonde and gorgeous. The six assorted cavemen range from inept idiots to greedy businessmen. There are also snarky ants and a few snakes that get mercilessly bashed by the overweight older cavewoman who is afraid of them. The topics are still very relevant today -- feminism, environmental concerns, insecurity, therapy, and basic human emotions/, anger, greed, jealousy. I guess the point is that human nature and life has been pretty much the same since the why not poke fun at it? :)

In this particular book, the cartoons range in topic from feminism and relationships to the awkwardness of therapy sessions and strange advice from a greedy palm reader with some snake bashing and sarcastic ants sprinkled in for good measure.

A fun read! I look forward to enjoying more of Hart's artwork and social commentary this year as I re-visit some old favorites!

Johnny Hart also created the Wizard of Id cartoons (I loved those too!). He created the B.C. characters in the late 1950's. Wizard of Id came along in the 60s. Both cartoons ran in syndication in newspapers and were collected in multiple books until Hart's death in 2007.
… (més)
JuliW | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | Nov 22, 2020 |
I like to read cartoon collections as sort of a "palate cleanser'' between novels. A little something to lighten the mood or make an abrupt genre change seem a bit less severe to my brain. :) This year I have made a goal to read more books off my own shelves or to revisit favorite nostalgia reads (books I read years ago and enjoyed). Keeping that goal in mind, I jumped back in time to the prehistoric era for my palate cleansing. The B.C. cartoons by Johnny Hart always made me smile when I was a teenager (and another of his cartoons Wizard of Id was also a favorite). I wanted to see if I still found the cartoons funny now that I'm a bit (ha! a lot, actually) older. And the answer is YES! :) The topics that Hart pokes fun at in B.C. are still quite relevant -- relationships, society, feminism, therapy, politics, business, love, greed, the environment...... Basic human foibles and situations are timeless, and so are these cartoons.

B.C. features six cavemen, two cavewomen and an assortment of animals discovering the world around them, forming society, inventing necessities and, of course, forming the first neuroses. One caveman writes poetry and is afraid of water. Another likes to observe fish by sticking his head in the river. Then there's an inventor, the group therapist, the average guy...and of course the gang's sarcastic jerk. :) One cavewoman is young and sexy, and the other is older and....larger. Add in ants with marital problems, a suicidal aardvark, a turtle with his bird BFF, and a large dinosaur, and you get a wide range of humor.

B.C. first appeared in the late 1950s and was syndicated in many newspapers up until Hart's death in 2007. Hart also created the popular Wizard of Id cartoons.

I'm seriously enjoying re-reading these cartoons. I will definitely be re-reading Wizard of Id as well. Hart's humor is still relevant even all these decades later. Love it!

… (més)
JuliW | Nov 22, 2020 |
Cartoonist Johnny Hart created his loveable cavemen characters in the 1950s. Over the next few decades his group of dysfunctional prehistoric humans invented the wheel, started the battle of the sexes, attended the first therapy sessions, and created team sports. :) The six cavemen and two cavewomen poke fun at everything from love and feminism to politics and society. Side characters range from ants pursued by hungry anteaters, a turtle and his bird BFF, and cute dinosaurs.

I loved these cartoons when I was in middle and high school. Hart poked fun at just about every part of life and society. In 2018, I am revisiting books and series that I have on my own shelves, or books I remember enjoying in the past. I decided it was time to re-read B.C. and another Hart creation, Wizard of Id. These cartoons are still amazingly relevant. I suppose the basic ponderings and challenges of humanity really don't change all that much. Some of the jokes or interactions between the male and female characters could be seen as a bit is never disrespectful, just truthful. The cute, sexy cavewoman is treated differently than the overweight, unattractive cavewoman --- but isn't that the way things really are? Might as well poke fun at it! :) Today it might be non-PC to crack jokes at uncomfortable truths....but that doesn't lessen the truth, just hides it. Most of Hart's jokes about the sexes point out the strengths of the women in a humorous way. An example.....while the cavemen are celebrating their invention of the wheel and trying to decide what they might be able to do with it, the cavewomen have already invented the bicycle.

B.C. Strikes back features an introduction by Rod Serling. It's a great collection of Hart's wit and humor. I enjoyed re-reaading this book, I still find the cartoons as funny as I did years ago, although some of the jokes have a bit different meaning for me now.

B.C. ran as a syndicated cartoon in many newspapers from the 1950s up until Hart's death in 2007.

… (més)
JuliW | Hi ha 2 ressenyes més | Nov 22, 2020 |



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