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Robert Heilbroner is Norman Thomas Professor (Emeritus) at the New School for Social Research.

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Introducció a l'economia (1982) 486 exemplars
The Making of Economic Society (1963) 247 exemplars
Twenty-First Century Capitalism (1993) 134 exemplars
Marxism: For and Against (1980) 127 exemplars
The Economic Problem (1968) 48 exemplars
Understanding macroeconomics (1965) 35 exemplars
Five Economic Challenges (1981) 32 exemplars
A Primer on Government Spending (1963) 26 exemplars
Understanding Microeconomics (1975) 22 exemplars
Beyond Boom and Crash (1978) 17 exemplars

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Book that asked if there was hope for man a Name that Book (desembre 2021)


This book is a compilation of extracts from various economic and related texts. Its purpose is to enable the reader to attempt to read the actual texts rather than read about someone’s interpretation of the texts. The book does succeed in getting the reading to engage with texts from popular economic books to those more obscure. Starting with extremely early references to exchange and profit, to the physiocrats, classical, marginalists, and finally twentieth century economists. Given that the passages come from foundational books, what the reader will recognize is their struggle to define the topics under discussion, expressing the difficulty of appropriate descriptions and meanings.

Heilbroner occasionally acts as a docent, placing the text into perspective. Considering the language differences between then and now, the book would have had more flow if the author acted as docent more often.
… (més)
Eugene_Kernes | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | Jun 4, 2024 |
The author's prose reads like poetry. The discussions about the particular economist, transition extremely well from who the person was to what the person thought. A particular implication is made that the personality of the economist deeply impacted the not only the thought process of the economist's theories, but also what those theories were and became.
Some chapters are mostly dedicated to a particular economist. Few chapters are divided up between many different economists and some background information about the general theories. The book has many important lessons such as the economic theories, but the most important is bringing to light some economist that have impacted economics but are not heard of as much as others.
Through out most of the book, the author expounds theories in what they are. Accepting them all. Only sometimes does the author show disagreement with the theories and doing a great job at explaining how the economists disagreed among themselves. It would have been better if the author had dedicated a section of each chapter to explaining what it wrong with the theories presented, or at least were the theories fail as those lessons help create an understanding of what is still needed to be learned and figured out.
The diversity of economists that the author presents is expansive, but it is also lacking. It is understandable that not all economists can fit into a short book, and the author did a great job selecting different types of economic theories to present, but all the economists are Western, more specifically European and North American. It would have added a lot of value to find a few or at least 1 economist from Asia. The West is not the only section of the planet that has a great history and economic thought, Asia's history and culture impacted the way their economists analyzed the world in different ways then the West's did.
… (més)
Eugene_Kernes | Hi ha 27 ressenyes més | Jun 4, 2024 |
Одна из лучших книг, которых я читал за всю жизнь. Автор мастерски описал социо-экономические революции произошедшие за всю историю человечества, но самое главное автор указал, кто смог проанализировать и описать данные революции, а иногда даже предсказать их. Каждая глава имеет историю о великом экономисте, его жизненном пути, а также как он пришел к своей великой идее. Каждая глава начинается с вопроса и отвечает на него, но в процессе ответа, задает след. вопрос. Книга имеет 10 глав, и подводит читателя к пику книги - что будет дальше с Миром? Что будет дальше с экономикой? Я считаю, книга обязательна к прочтению любому человеку. Она поможет понять, почему мир такой как он есть.

… (més)
kmaxat | Hi ha 27 ressenyes més | Aug 26, 2023 |
Dated now, it was good for me to read at the time.
mykl-s | Hi ha 6 ressenyes més | Aug 13, 2023 |



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