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7792124,739 (3.58)10
Marrying Captain Jack 20 exemplars, 1 ressenya
The Unknown Heir 17 exemplars, 2 ressenyes
An Improper Companion 16 exemplars, 2 ressenyes
Married by Christmas 16 exemplars, 1 ressenya
The Homeless Heiress 15 exemplars, 1 ressenya
A Matter of Honour 14 exemplars
A Knight of Honour 13 exemplars
Satan's Mark 13 exemplars
A Worthy Gentleman 12 exemplars, 1 ressenya
Ransom Bride 12 exemplars
A Wealthy Widow 12 exemplars, 1 ressenya
A Perfect Knight 12 exemplars
Forbidden Lady 11 exemplars
Bartered Bride 10 exemplars
The Abducted Bride 10 exemplars
Make-Believe Wife 10 exemplars
Morgan The Rogue 9 exemplars
Secret Heiress 9 exemplars
The Lie 9 exemplars
A Shameful Secret 9 exemplars
A Damnable Rogue 8 exemplars, 1 ressenya
Lovers and Enemies 8 exemplars
The Sheikh 8 exemplars
Counterfeit Earl 8 exemplars
An Ideal Match 7 exemplars
A Stranger's Touch 7 exemplars
The Elusive Earl 6 exemplars
Fugitive Countess 6 exemplars
Lovers and Sinners 6 exemplars
Love is Not Enough 6 exemplars
Lady in Waiting 6 exemplars
Justice is Served 5 exemplars
Cassie's Sheik 5 exemplars
Bridget 5 exemplars
The Mysterious Lord Marlowe 5 exemplars, 1 ressenya
A Promise Made 4 exemplars
Winners and Losers 4 exemplars
Briar Patch 4 exemplars
The Spanish Witch 4 exemplars
Hostage Bride 3 exemplars
A Wicked Wench 3 exemplars
Devil's Kin 3 exemplars
Chosen by the Lieutenant 3 exemplars, 1 ressenya
Wish Down the Moon 3 exemplars
All My Sins 3 exemplars, 1 ressenya
The Seeds of Sin 3 exemplars
Chateau Despair 3 exemplars
A Cornish Rose 3 exemplars
The Scandalous Lord Lanchester 3 exemplars, 1 ressenya
A Shocking Scandal 3 exemplars
The Wolf of Alvar 3 exemplars
The Sleeping Demon 2 exemplars
The Slave of Love (Autor) 2 exemplars
Amy 2 exemplars
The Rose Arch 2 exemplars
All Their Days 2 exemplars
Her Mother's Sins 2 exemplars
A Bright New Day 2 exemplars
His Unusual Governess 2 exemplars, 1 ressenya
Demon's Woman 2 exemplars
Love Lies Weeping 2 exemplars
Shadow Players 2 exemplars
Forbidden Love 2 exemplars
The Wild Heart 2 exemplars
Love and War 2 exemplars
Kathy 2 exemplars
Milady's Revenge 2 exemplars
The Ties That Bind 2 exemplars
Raphael 2 exemplars
Bitter Sweet 2 exemplars
A Rose in Winter 2 exemplars
Drawn to Lord Ravenscar 2 exemplars, 1 ressenya
The White Dress 1 exemplars, 1 ressenya
Song of the Mountains 1 exemplars, 1 ressenya
Name of Honour 1 exemplars
Flame Child 1 exemplars
Lady Of Shadows 1 exemplars, 1 ressenya
Pagan Fires 1 exemplars
A Kind of Loving 1 exemplars
Give Me Tomorrow 1 exemplars
The Witch Child 1 exemplars
A King's Betrayal 1 exemplars
Song for Athena 1 exemplars
Arabella 1 exemplars
Regency mischief 1 exemplars
My Lady, My Love 1 exemplars
Un Prince en Exil 1 exemplars
Racing Hearts 1 exemplars
A Spanish Practice 1 exemplars
Sara's Secret 1 exemplars
Forgotten Sins 1 exemplars
Spring Will Come 1 exemplars
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Linda Sole was born on 1950 in Swindon, Wiltshire, England, UK, the daughter of a schoolteacher and a ladies hairdresser who, after leaving high school at 15, worked in her father’s shop until she married. She ran her own hairdressing salon for a while, then gave it up to write and help her husband run his antique business.

Her first success came in 1979 when, writing as Lynn Granville, she was accepted by Robert Hale. Success with Mills & Boon came soon after and Devil's Kin was published in 1981 as Anne Herries. She wrote 12 books for Mills & Boon before trying her hand at mainstream fiction. She has now written several books under her own name of Linda Sole and other pseudonyms. However, Mills & Boon remains one of her favorite publishers because of the friendly family atmosphere. She decided to write for them again while continuing her other work — it's a busy life, but fulfilling! Writing has always been a pleasure and is a dream come true for her.

Living in Cambridgeshire, she is happily married and enjoys many other things in the company of her husband. Her main interests apart from writing are watching good films and reading other authors; also walking in the sun and swimming — mostly in Spain because it's warmer. Her main love, apart from her husband and writing, is for animals and birds. She loves feeding the squirrels that come regularly to her garden, as well as many varieties of birds — and even foxes during the recent bad weather. She says happiness comes from enjoying the good things around us.
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