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Richard S. Hess is professor of Old Testament at Denver Seminary.
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Zion City of Our God (1999) — Editor — 37 exemplars
Song Of Songs 5 exemplars

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Hess, Richard S.



NO OF PAGES: 192 SUB CAT I: Dead Sea Scrolls SUB CAT II: Messianic Issues SUB CAT III: DESCRIPTION: Table of Contents

List of Contributors
Editors' Preface
List of Abbreviations

Part 1: The Messiah in the Old Testament

My Servant David: Ancient Israel's Vision
of the Messiah
Daniel I. Block

If He Looks Like a Prophet and Talks Like a
Prophet, Then He Must Be . . .: A Response
to Daniel I. Block
J. Daniel Hays

New Lenses to Establish Messiah's Identity?
A Response to Daniel I. Block
M. Daniel Carroll R.

Part 2: The Messiah in the Dead Sea Scrolls

The Messiah in the Dead Sea Scrolls
Craig A. Evans

Messiahs Here and There: A Response to
Craig A. Evans
Richard S. Hess

Part 3: The Messiah in the New Testament

Messiah in the New Testament
Craig L. Blomberg

Christos: Jewish Title or Hellenistic Name?
A Response to Craig L. Blomberg
William W. Klein

Part 4: The Messiah in Latin American Theology

Jesus' Messianism: A Proposal and an
Assessment from Latin America
Gerardo A. Alfaro Gonzalez

Reflections on Jesus as Liberator: A
Response to Gerardo A. Alfaro Gonzalez
Karen H. Jobes

Index of Scripture and Other Ancient Writings
Index of Modern AuthorsNOTES: Purchased from SUBTITLE: In the Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls
… (més)
BeitHallel | Feb 18, 2011 |
NO OF PAGES: 175 SUB CAT I: Family SUB CAT II: Jewish Customs SUB CAT III: Jewish Life DESCRIPTION: "General readability combined with a focused theme of exploring the social world of the family in the Bible makes this collection a valuable tool. Each author carefully explains how, despite its antiquity, the Bible can be used as a model for instruction, behavior, and reflection. The central theme, the very heart, of this volume is that the modern family, like its ancient counterpart, must seriously take up its role of teaching the young." - Victor Matthews, Southwest Missouri State UniversityNOTES: Purchased from SUBTITLE: Exploring Customs, Culture, and Context… (més)
BeitHallel | Feb 18, 2011 |
NO OF PAGES: 432 SUB CAT I: Archaeology SUB CAT II: Paganism SUB CAT III: DESCRIPTION: "Richard S. Hess, well known for his numerous studies in biblical and ancient Near Eastern topics, now brings his extensive knowledge to bear on 'Israelite religions.' The plural form of the title is decisive: everywhere the accent is on the pluriformity and complexity of Israelite religion(s) in various periods and locales. The subtitle is equally critical: Hess surveys an immense array of biblical and archaeological data both judiciously and economically. Throughout the book, Hess's attention to what may be unique or distinctive about Israelite religion(s) vis--vis its cultural congeners is instructive. Moreover, his care to define key terms, his correlation of textual and artifactual material, his awareness of the relationship of Israelite religion to biblical theology, as well as his trademark skill in onomastics--not to mention the useful and extensive bibliography--are among the aspects that make the present book not only welcome but also essential reading on the subject."NOTES: Purchased from the Amazon MarketPlace. SUBTITLE: An Archaeological and Biblical Survey… (més)
BeitHallel | Feb 18, 2011 |
A collection of the most influential scholastic essays on Genesis 1-11 in its Ancient Near Eastern context in the last century. Many of the papers herein have been translated into English for the first time. Some of the brilliant authors include W.G. Lambert, E.A. Speiser, D.J. Wiseman, Samuel Noah Kramer, Gordan Wenham, and D.J.A. Clines.
slaveofOne | Feb 9, 2006 |

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