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Alfred Hitchcock (1899–1980)

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Alfred Hitchcock was born on August 13, 1899 in London, England. He graduated from St. Ignatius College, where he studied engineering, and took art courses at the University of London. He worked briefly as a technical calculator for a cable company, but soon decided to focus on art, becoming an mostra'n més advertising layout draftsman for a London department store. In 1920, he got a job writing and illustrating title cards for silent pictures. He rose quickly, to script writer, art director and assistant director. By 1925, he had become a director, making a melodrama called The Pleasure Garden. In 1929, he directed Blackmail, Britain's first widely successful talking feature. The other movies he directed in England included The Lodger (U.S. title, The Case of Jonathan Drew), The Man Who Knew Too Much, The 39 Steps, and The Lady Vanishes. He was approached by producer David O. Selznick about directing in the United States, and he accepted so he could take advantage of the better-equipped American studios. His first American film, Rebecca, won the Academy Award for best picture. The other movies he directed in the United States included Shadow of a Doubt, Spellbound, Rear Window, Vertigo, Psycho, The Birds, Frenzy, and Family Plot. In 1979, he was awarded the American Film Institute Life Achievement Award. In 1980, he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II. He died from liver failure and heart problems on April 29, 1980 at the age of 80. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra'n menys


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Alfred Hitchcock Presents: 12 Stories for Late at Night (1962) — Editor — 158 exemplars
The Man Who Knew Too Much [1956 film] (1956) — Director — 155 exemplars
Alfred Hitchcock's Monster Museum (1965) 147 exemplars
The Master's Choice (1979) — Editor — 146 exemplars
The Man Who Knew Too Much [1934 film] (1934) — Director — 145 exemplars
Rope [1948 film] (1948) — Director — 141 exemplars
Alfred Hitchcock Presents: A Hangman's Dozen (1962) — Editor — 136 exemplars
Suspicion [1941 film] (1941) — Director — 131 exemplars
Shadow of a Doubt [1943 film] (1943) — Director — 128 exemplars
Alfred Hitchcock's Sinister Spies (1966) 127 exemplars
Daring Detectives (1969) 124 exemplars
Spellbound [1945 film] (1945) — Director — 118 exemplars
Alfred Hitchcock Presents: A Month of Mystery (1968) — Editor — 117 exemplars
Alfred Hitchcock Presents: My Favorites in Suspense (1959) — Editor — 116 exemplars
Marnie [1964 film] (1964) — Director — 115 exemplars
Stories That Go Bump in the Night (1940) 113 exemplars
Foreign Correspondent [1940 film] (1940) — Director — 101 exemplars
The Trouble with Harry [1955 film] (1955) — Director — 99 exemplars
Stories to Stay Awake By (1971) 98 exemplars
Frenesí (1972) 96 exemplars
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Saboteur [1942 film] (1942) — Director — 93 exemplars
Secret Agent [1936 film] (1936) — Director — 87 exemplars
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Family Plot [1976 film] (1976) — Director — 60 exemplars
Happiness Is a Warm Corpse (1969) 58 exemplars
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Get Me to the Wake on Time (1970) 57 exemplars
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Once Upon a Dreadful Time (1964) 54 exemplars
Mr. & Mrs. Smith [1941 film] (1941) — Director — 54 exemplars
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Let It All Bleed Out (1973) 52 exemplars
Down by the Old Blood Stream (1971) 52 exemplars
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Io ti salverò 1 exemplars
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“But your wife, she'll wonder what happened to her poor little General.” — Peter Lorre to John Gielgud

This most enjoyable film made in Britain before Hitchcock came to Hollywood certainly deserves more accolades than it has gotten over the years. It really isn't that far behind 39 Steps, The Lady Vanishes, and Young and Innocent in either quality or entertainment. Set during the first world war, Somerset Maugham’s novel of spies sent to ferret out and eliminate another spy has romance and humor, and some real excitement in Hitchcock’s hands.

John Gielgud comes home from the war and discovers he’s been reported dead. He discovers it was intentional; his cover so he can become Ashenden, and eliminate a very dangerous spy causing the good guys a lot of trouble. While it’s deadly serious business, it gets a bit more pleasant when he discovers in Switzerland that the beautiful and elegant Elsa Carrington (Madeleine Carroll) is to pose as his wife and help him in his mission.

Hitchcock counters the more serious business with a likable Robert Young as Marvin, pursuing romance with Elsa despite her marital status. It is handled with great charm and a sense of fun. Ashenden’s other partner is General, played in an over-the-top manner by Peter Lorre. He is more comical than sinister, spending most of his time trying to romance anything in a dress, and quite upset that Ashenden has the fake wife while he has none.

Elsa falls for her pretend husband, of course, and the General’s actions brings about a crisis of conscience occurs for both she and Ashenden. But when Ashenden and General discover who the real spy is, and must pursue him because of the great danger someone is in. The train station scene and everything that follows is classic Hitchcock. While it doesn’t have quite the tension of 39 Steps, or the sheer charm of Young and Innocent, it has a blend of the two which is very enjoyable.

Perhaps because it is set during WW I it doesn't connect as much as it should for some viewers. It is quite fabulous in its own way, however, and fans of Hitchcock’s early British films will certainly find it appealing. Fans of the lovely Madeleine Carroll will be pleased to discover she is much more in the center of things from the very beginning than in 39 Steps. A real winner.
… (més)
Matt_Ransom | Nov 24, 2023 |
Joan Fontaine was wonderful in this sensitive film about a shy woman who unexpectedly finds love and allows her insecurities to fuel her imagination with suspicion. She easily won the Academy Award for her performance following her fine turn the prior year in Rebecca, for which she sadly did not. Based on a novel by Francis Iles, Hitchcock’s second film starring Fontaine is more about love and the fear of losing it than suspense, but still has enough of his little touches to make it enjoyable as both.

Joan Fontaine is the shy but wealthy Lina. Though her head is often buried in books, her heart still beats, and when she is shown a little attention by irresponsible charmer Johnnie Aysgarth (Cary Grant), who calls her monkey-face, she begins to fall in love. When she overhears her family talking about her, the viewer feels her pain. Fontaine is wonderful here — and all throughout this film classic — using subtle movements and expressions to convey the terrible hurt within her heart; and the doubts when the romance and adventure both she and those who know her thought she’d never experience appear to be in the offing. Fontaine is marvelous as she pines for the popular Johnnie to come calling again, until finally a cablegram salvages her pride in front of her skeptical family.

Grant is excellent as the off-beat and fun Johnnie. When Lina finds the courage to tell Johnnie she loves him, he realizes he feels the same and on a rainy night they dash off to get married. Lina begins to see Johnnie in a different light however, after they have tied the knot, when his pal Beaky (Nigel Bruce) comes calling. So used are we at seeing Bruce with Rathbone in Sherlock Homes it takes some getting used to at first to accept him as Johnnie’s pal. Once we do however he puts on a good show as the affable Beaky.

Johnnie’s gambling and irresponsible ways are off-set by his charm, and at first Lina’s faith in him is usually restored at the last moment. But too many things begin to add up, and not in Johnnie’s favor. Debts, theft, a death mirroring events in a mystery book, and a woman’s insecurities are blended to create mounting tension by Hitchcock as the film progresses; until finally, a truly terrible possibility comes into play.

Fontaine is simply enchanting in a tender and subtle performance and Cary Grant gives Johnnie just the right mix of charm and danger. The beautiful romantic score from Franz Waxman was Oscar-nominated. Heather Angel has a nice part as the maid Ethel, and Auriol Lee lends fine support as the mystery-writer friend of Lina. Sherlock Holmes’ Watson, Nigel Bruce, really shines as Johnnie’s likable pal, Beaky, giving a splendid performance. Though Hitchcock’s ending, which differs from the original source, has been disparaged by many fans and critics alike, the sensitive and romantic tone of the film almost demands the ending we get, and that’s all I can say. A very fine romantic film with an underscore of suspense, Suspicion is worth watching for Fontaine’s performance alone.
… (més)
Matt_Ransom | Hi ha 2 ressenyes més | Nov 24, 2023 |
Lovely Teresa Wright shines in Alfred Hitchcock’s tale of darkness and evil coming to stay in Santa Rosa, California. A story by Gordon McDonnell was adapted for the screen by Thorton Wilder, Alma Reville, and Sally Benson, and this slice of Americana is played out perfectly by a wonderful cast.

Teresa Wright is the bored young daughter of Emma (Patricia Collinge) and Joseph (Henry Travers) Newton. Life for her in the small town of Santa Rosa has become boring for the wholesome American girl looking to stretch her wings. Wright’s “Charlie” is the very picture of small town innocence. When her Uncle and namesake (Joseph Cotten) blows into town, it is the catalyst for the change she desires. Hitchcock has already shown the audience by this time that something is not quite right about the charming Uncle Charlie, so the viewer already knows from the get-go what’s going on in this film. The special bond between Charlie and her uncle and their unusual connection is fully explored by the director in the happy and charming early moments that follow Cotten's arrival in Santa Rosa.

Hitchcock quickly begins shading this portrait in grey, however. Charlie’s adoration of her uncle borders on a crush, leaving her open and vulnerable to anything Charlie wants. Here the famous director creates some almost uncomfortable scenes, giving the viewer the impression that at any moment Cotton might just take the smiling and adoring Charlie in his arms and kiss her. And for her part, Charlie might remain passive, so unsure is she of her own feelings. But strange behavior in her uncle and the attention of a government agent after him who falls in love with young Charlie will change everything, as Uncle Charlie’s spell is broken when his warped and twisted view of the world is finally revealed. The tune he whistles might be the key to his long absence.

Hume Cronyn steals every scene he is in as Herbie. Long talks on the porch, attempting to devise the perfect murder plan for amusement is ironic and darkly humorous considering the real evil right under their noses. Charlie can’t risk destroying her weak mother, but luckily she has Agent Jack Graham’s (Macdonald Carey) number. Uncle Charlie, however, has no intention of going to the gallows…

This is both a beautiful portrait of small-town America and a suspenseful thriller. Cotten, always solid yet often underrated, underplays his role to marvelous effect. Teresa Wright is simply wonderful in this Hitchcock masterpiece, the very picture of confused innocence. A film that must be seen by all, especially Hitchcock devotees.
… (més)
Matt_Ransom | Hi ha 2 ressenyes més | Nov 23, 2023 |
While rarely mentioned in the same breath with The 39 Steps or The Lady Vanishes, this is my favorite film from Hitchcock's British film catalog. It has charm, a great story, lots of atmosphere, a fine romance, and best of all, the wonderful Nova Pilbeam. Based on the Josephine Tey novel, A Schilling For Candles, this story of an innocent man wrongly accused of murder and the young girl who aids his search for proof that he did not commit the crime is a ton of fun.

This is a top-notch British production from the period. There is fine photography from Bernard Knowles, and a nice score from Louis Levy to make this one of Hitchcock's most enjoyable outings. Nova Pilbeam was a lovely young British actress who had worked for the director in a smaller role three years earlier, in his first version of The Man Who Knew Too Much. She sparkles here as a strong and independent young heroine who comes to believe in someone, and risks everything to aid him.

Derrick De Marney also shines as a young writer named Robert who happens upon the body of famous cinema star, Christine Clay (Pamela Carme), washed up on the beach. He had a passing acquaintance with her since she had purchased one of his stories. He is seen running from the scene to get help, and when it is discovered she was strangled with a belt from a coat he had stolen from him at a place called Tom’s Hat, things don't look good for our hero.

It looks even worse that she left money to him in her will, and when his attorney appears to be a boob, Robert escapes in order to prove his innocence. He gets the reluctant help of the Chief Constaple's daughter, Erica Burgoyne (Nova Pilbeam). There is a romantic attraction between the two, and the independent young Erica decides she — and her little dog — must help him to avoid the gallows. But she gets in deeper and deeper, until it is a race against time to find the real killer.

When she comes to bring him food and drive him around to search for the man who stole the jacket which will prove his innocence, she and her little dog get in deeper and deeper. There finally comes a turning point when Erica throws caution to the wind and zealously helps Robert pursue the man with a twitch in his eye who murdered Christine Clay. It becomes apparent to both her father and the police that she is aiding him willingly and not under duress. Since they have already slipped up and aroused suspicions at a birthday party her aunt and uncle were thowing for her niece, they know they can not remain at large forever and it becomes a race with time to find the real killer.

Hitchcock creates a very nice atmosphere of an English coastal town in the 1930s and all his touches are in evidence even at this early juncture. This is one of the great Hitchcock films from his British period and stands with the best of them. Nova Pilbeam is fabulous here, and it is a real shame she did not get to make more films like this one. If you enjoyed The 39 Steps you will probably like this one as well. It does not quite have the tension of that great film but has a little more romance and charm. A real winner!
… (més)
Matt_Ransom | Nov 20, 2023 |



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