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The [God Stalk] Group Read: January a 75 Books Challenge for 2018 (febrer 2018)


Jame goes on bruising egos and showing competence in corners while bringing down the walls. Were I a power hungry ruler I'd avoid the Knorth like the plague.
quondame | Jan 7, 2023 |
Clearly a middle book. Story line didn't advance much. It was hard enough to remember all that went before to make sense of what happened here
smbass | Hi ha 12 ressenyes més | Jan 30, 2022 |
{Fifth of 9+5 Chronicles of the Kencyrath series; fantasy, high fantasy}

Continuing on with the Chronicles of the Kencyrath; I do think you have to read these in order and you shouldn't leave it too long between books or you start to lose track of events and names. Though Hodgell does repeat key phrases from previous books - and even earlier in this book - so it jogs your memory if you have left it too long (although it can get repetitive if you haven't). I like the way she takes something and twists it just enough for me to smile at it - and then wonder whether it actually happens in our world, for example the ironwood trees that burn from inside to provide heat for years. This leads to some Rathillien-specific double entendre-type puns, like the wandering willow (which, unfortunately, has taken root in Gorbel's foot).

Gorbel's foot was tightly laced about with fine, white, willow rootlets. As they sensed the water's warmth, they began to untwine and spread into a fibrous mass that filled most of the tub. Longer fringe roots reached out to tap the ceramic walls of their prison, probing for any crack or flaw.

This book covers more of Jame's year and duties as the Earth Wife's Favourite and fills in some of the more recent history of the Knorth (pronounced K-north) while giving us details of Jame's life and classes as a first year cadet at the randon college at Tentir as well as her discovery of some of the duties of the Kencyr, the highborn and their house high lords.

'Tori has to remember the names of everyone bound to his - that is, to our - house and so far he's forgotten at least one of them. I've memorised all I've been able to learn. Frankly, though, I don't know what's going to happen to me in the hills. We need a third list-keeper. You.'
'Trinity. First Index's shed and now this. Haven't you written them down?'
Jame was taken aback. 'That never occurred to me. They say that memory is safest.'
'Not if some overenthusiastic hillman is waiting to flatten your skull. As far as I can make out, people have been lining up to do that for years. No, we'll have a paper and quill, if you please.'

While it doesn't advance the overall story arc hugely, it is still lots of fun following Jame's adventures, and it may be/ may have been meant as a look at life and cultures on Rathillien since Hodgell lapses into the present tense occasionally, such as when describing the preparations for a hunt.

Although the Kencyrath arrived on Rathillien over three millennia ago in their retreat down the Chain of Creation to protect it against Perimal Darkling, the houses have forgotten their higher purpose and have devolved into petty squabbling between each other, especially in a quest for power during the hiatus when it looked like the Knorths were extinct. Having not grown up in the Riverlands among the Kencyr, Jame continues to build bridges and friendships across political divisions although the ghosts of the past come back (literally) to foster those divisions. I like the way she can analyse people who are hostile towards her and still find their best qualities (not that she's volunteering to be their friend, though).

Of course, the rathorn colt plays a large part in this book - as does Jorin, her blind royal ounce and I liked the way that the cadets in the Falconer's class, who are similarly bound to different types of animals, have an understanding between themselves even though they may come from 'enemy' houses.

We also discover that there are more Shanir (Kencyr with powers) than the highborn are willing to admit and so Jame is not as alone in that as she had assumed, given Ganth's (her father) and Torisen's (her brother) prejudices against them.

Fun and intense although (thankfully) not as dark and nail-bitingly suspenseful as previous books.

June 2021
4.5-5 stars
… (més)
humouress | Hi ha 12 ressenyes més | Jul 16, 2021 |
Just couldn't finish this. Maybe I'm not a big enough fantasy fan, but I feel like I couldn't get into the main character or care about what would happen by the end of the book. For me it's pretty bad to get 2/3 through and not enjoy a book enough to just finish it for completion's sake.

Still have it 3 stars, because I feel like there world is interesting and I liked some of the characters, so maybe it's just me that doesn't like this style of fantasy.
jzacsh | Hi ha 23 ressenyes més | Sep 9, 2020 |



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