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Crèdit de la imatge: John Hodgman at BookExpo at the Javits Center in New York City, May 2019. By Rhododendrites - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,


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emmby | Hi ha 51 ressenyes més | Oct 4, 2023 |
It's obviously not about vacations, though the author does 'summer' in New Hampshire and Maine and Maine's official motto is 'Vacationland'. Rather, these are the author's amusing anecdotes and deep thinking about those summers, along with childhood, growing up, adulting and death. I don't recall any LOL moments, but most stories are amusing and John Hodgman does a bang-up job on the audiobook as his own narrator, rendering them with a goodly amount of humor and pathos, as necessary.
zot79 | Hi ha 30 ressenyes més | Aug 20, 2023 |
I fell in love with John Hodgman's sensibility listening to his podcast, Judge John Hodgman. I think it was the 2nd episode, in which the weird dad wanted order his children to have a mime at his funeral. Hodgman is funny and practical and real (nevermind his previous books of "facts," which actually aren't my favorite) and can really get to the emotional heart of the matter in so many cases. So, I enjoyed reading more about him and some of his experiences, which for the most part came across as both humorous and poignant. I don't know how this book will land with those not already familiar with his work, but I enjoyed the heck out of it. I only wish I could have gotten the audiobook from my library.… (més)
CarolHicksCase | Hi ha 30 ressenyes més | Mar 12, 2023 |
I'm a huge fan of Hodman's podcast. This book is funny and poignant - some parts hit me hard in the feels, and some parts had me disturbing the family as I laughed (hard) out loud, and I flew through it in a flash. Obviously, if you do audiobooks, that's the right format for this one!
CarolHicksCase | Hi ha 10 ressenyes més | Mar 12, 2023 |



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