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This was the first Holinshed book I searched for origins of MACBETH.

Though I found only two brief possible references, the slim volume offers
an incredible history of the 20 year reign of William the Conqueror and lays
the groundwork for the emergence of Macbeth.

Raphael Holinshed, in "TO THE YEARE 1556," wrote brief histories to accompany Printer Reginald Wolfe's
illustrations for his "Cosmographie of the World." The author relies on "ancient" printed reports,
as well as eye witness writings.

He begins with the 500 year Roman conquest of England, then moves deeply into the destructive reign
of Norman William The Conqueror, who was early halted by common people bearing "boughes!"
The combined armies of the English Earles and the Danish King could not stop William's murders
and his plundering of the countrysides. He further deposed the clergy, burned the churches, abbeys,
and monasteries, and wasted their lands.

Conspiracies and personal betrayals abounded. The Conqueror was once lanced in battle by his rebel son, Robert.
Robert then saved him and they became friends again.

King William then ordered lists created of the properties, value, and other wealth of all the English people,
taxing them into poverty so his Normans could take over.
Holinshed added that the English "...hated the Normans in their hearts to the verie death."
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m.belljackson | Mar 7, 2017 |
As the subtitle suggests, this edition of the Chronicle is not complete, but sets forth those passages which have a bearing on Shakespeare's work, with some references to the relevant acts and scenes.

An interesting book for the theatre buff, and a necessity for those with more than a passing interest in Shakespeare. A scholar, however, would probably want the complete chronicle in its original ordering.

I bought this book at Stratford-upon-Avon.
lilithcat | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | Nov 5, 2005 |
Used by Shakespeare for his historical plays. I need to buy "Shakespeare's Holinshed" which shows where Shakespeare took his information (I believe it was the Second Edition of Holinshed). Volumes had 'Red Rust' affecting the leather but this has been fixed by numerous applications of my leather treatment conditioner.
richardhobbs | Nov 25, 2010 |


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