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The Stranger's Child by Alan Hollinghurst a Booker Prize (novembre 2020)


Although the story is different, the structure of this book reminded me a lot of the last Hollinghurst I read, The Stranger's Child. At the core there's the lived experience of one person, but that person remains in the shadows while others live their lives in the centre, and keep coming against the unknowable core but getting their own impressions and reflections of it. There's also the frequently awkward relationship Johathan has with his father David, and how people of certain age seem to be interested in him only because of it.… (més)
mari_reads | Hi ha 21 ressenyes més | Jan 21, 2024 |
A strange, melancholy book redeemed by some of the most nuanced descriptions of commonplace feelings I've ever read.
mmparker | Hi ha 75 ressenyes més | Oct 24, 2023 |
In the first part of this book, in the 1910s before the first world war, Cecil, a poet, arrives to visit his friend George and his family—his mother, brother Hubert, and sister Daphne. Out of the visit comes a poem that later becomes famous, initially written in Daphne's autograph book but probably written George in mind. What follows in the later parts is the afterlife of Cecil, who died in the war, with a fancy memorial at the family estate and collected poems edited and published by a friend. Generation after generation, new people find themselves interested in him and try to understand what he was actually like, but ways to getting to that are increasingly difficult. People only know their own stories, didn't want to know, didn't have the words, made their memories into stories they were comfortable sharing, put their papers and photos away and forgot about them. At the end, there are only maybes and theories and speculation, a tantalising gap that just cannot be filled. For me, this aspect was the most compelling thing about the book, the characters much less so.… (més)
mari_reads | Hi ha 75 ressenyes més | Sep 15, 2023 |
I enjoyed this a lot, the kind of layered structure I enjoy. This novel shifts in time and protagonist, from the turn of the 20th century to its end. The unifying story is that of a poet, Cecil Valance, and we see him through the people who become infatuated with him and his works. Cecil is young, handsome, talented, and aristocratic. A poem he writes in a young girl's autograph album becomes an emblem of English pride, one that every schoolchild reads. In each era, gay men are the main characters (though there’s a hint a some lesbians) and we see how the furtive relationships of the 1900s move to married characters in the 80s. There's also a strong woman, the girl with the autograph album, whose life touches everyone in the story in one way or another.… (més)
piemouth | Hi ha 75 ressenyes més | Sep 2, 2023 |



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