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A. E. Housman was born in Fockbury, Worcestershire, England on March 26, 1859. In 1877, he attended St. John's College, Oxford and received first class honours in classical moderations. He worked as clerk in the Patent Office in London for ten years. During this time he studied Greek and Roman mostra'n més classics intensively, and in 1892 was appointed professor of Latin at University College, London. In 1911 he became professor of Latin at Trinity College, Cambridge, a post he held until his death. He only published two volumes of poetry during his lifetime: A Shropshire Lad and Last Poems. He died on April 30, 1936. A third volume, More Poems, was released posthumously in 1936 by his brother as was an edition of Housman's Complete Poems in 1939. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra'n menys


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A Shropshire Lad (1896) 1,468 exemplars
More Poems (1936) 153 exemplars
Last Poems (1922) 114 exemplars
The name and nature of poetry (1933) 43 exemplars
Introductory lecture: 1892 (1937) 14 exemplars
Unkind to Unicorns (1995) 11 exemplars
Poetry and Prose (1971) 10 exemplars
A Concordance to the Poems of A. E. Housman (1940) — Col·laborador — 2 exemplars
Loveliest of Trees 2 exemplars
Bredon Hill {poem} 1 exemplars
Digte 1 exemplars

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A very thought-provoking little book, Housman's A SHROPSHIRE LAD, first published in 1896, was a bestseller in England during the Great War, and no wonder, with it overarching theme of the shortness and fragility of life, coupled with pieces that point directly at war and answering the call to arms ("The Recruit"), and the gruesome result ("The Day of Battle"). Although Housman was writing of the Boer Wars, the sentiment was the same.

I've been reading a lot lately about the First World War, so was moved to glance through Housman's minor masterpiece once again. My version is this flimsy International Pocket Library edition, bought new for only fifty cents more than fifty years ago. It's well-traveled, and looks it. Probably its most famous poem is "To an Athlete Dying Young."

Barely fifty pages, but there's much food for thought here. Very highly recommended.

- Tim Bazzet, author of the memoir, BOOKLOVER
… (més)
TimBazzett | Hi ha 15 ressenyes més | Nov 9, 2022 |
At school many years ago we compared Herrick’s “Fair Daffodils” and Housman’s “Loveliest of Trees”. I don’t think it’s possible to say which is “best”: they are both perfect. I remember my mother quoting or reading “On Wenlock Edge” when I was only about 7 or 8, and young enough to be a bit frightened at the Roman who was ashes under Uricon, even though I had no real idea of death. The ruins at Viroconium or Wroxeter are surprisingly big, pillars standing in a field as I recall once seeing. Housman gave us the phrases “the coloured counties”, “blue remembered hills” and "the land of lost content". Favourites: “Loveliest of Trees” and “On Wenlock Edge”. My copy is a tiny hardback still in its yellow and black dustjacket.… (més)
PollyMoore3 | Hi ha 15 ressenyes més | May 14, 2020 |
This was a fairly decent assembly of collected poems by the renowned poet A.E Housman. The rhyme schemes were simple and the themes not overtly complex. It was good reading, and a fast one too, but I felt there was a detachment between when it was written and now. Overall, worth reading- but briskly.

3 stars.
DanielSTJ | Hi ha 7 ressenyes més | Feb 17, 2020 |
The poems were alright but overall the tone was very depressing.
bcrowl399 | Jun 15, 2019 |



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