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Bayard Rustin was a major figure in the Civil Rights movement. He was arrested on a bus 13 years before Rosa Parks and he participated in integrated bus rides throughout the South 14 years before the Freedom Riders. He was a mentor to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., teaching him the techniques and philosophy of Gandhian nonviolent direct action. He organized the March on Washington in 1963, one of the most impactful mobilizations in American history. This biography traces Rustin’s life, from his childhood and his first arrest in high school for sitting in the “whites only” section of a theater, through a lifetime of nonviolent activism.… (més)
PAFM | Jan 20, 2020 |
Delightful. I love that there are lots of adults who treat Eddy in lots of different ways. Mom expects different things from him than Dad does, the principal seems fairly incompetent, Coach Vang is matter-of-factly perfectly supportive, therapist Tiffany tries but doesn't quite empathize.... I do think it's a bit implausible that Eddy abruptly collects so many friends, almost against his will, but it could happen - and should.

And I really loved all the factoids. For example, I did not know that newspaper recyclers liked to add magazine content; I always thought magazines, being glossy, were more of a bad thing. And I had not remembered that Iron is not the only magnetic material. Here's more on that:

Tom H answered 7 years ago
Almost all materials are magnetic in the following sense: A material will fall into one of three categories.
1) Paramagnetic
2) Diamagnetic
3) Ferromagnetic

Ferromagnetic is what you are talking about & only a few pure elements are ferromagnetic. Iron (Fe), Nickel (Ni), Cobalt (Co), and Gadolinium (Gd) are all ferromagnets. But like the others have said, Fe is much stronger than Ni.

A paramagnetic material is like a ferromagnet, but very much weaker. A diamagnetic material is actually repelled by a bar magnet (the opposite of paramagnetic), but the force is so weak that you'd have a tough time measuring it.

Teach your kids the whole truth even if it is a little over their heads!
A Ph.D. in physics.

… (més)
Cheryl_in_CC_NV | Hi ha 6 ressenyes més | Jun 6, 2016 |
Although the book describes events and attitudes of eras gone by, they are presented in a way that allows readers to connect them with the era in which they live. Rustin's is a fascinating and unique story. In learning about him, I learned a lot about the Quakers, the micro-politics of various organizations, and the social stigmas that impacted them. There were ideas I would not have associated with life in the 1930s, such as being raised by a grandparent (while a parent was still alive) or homosexuality. I also liked that there were lots of photographs. There were times when I found the sidebars "overpowered" Rustin's story and made it more textbook-ish. Overall, I enjoyed the book and would recommend it to teens studying nonviolent resistance and/or the Civil Rights Movement.

Pros: Young readers will not only have a window into history, but can see their “own time” on issues such as acceptance and respect, homosexuality, and living your beliefs.

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… (més)
TheReadingTub | Mar 13, 2016 |
There is much to like about this book. How Eddy's friends stick with him and the gradual way Eddy realizes they are his friends is the main and best storyline. Unfortunately, somehow Eddie's voice does not ring true and this is particularly illustrated with the last line in the book. It was too much of a leap.
geraldinefm | Hi ha 6 ressenyes més | Feb 1, 2013 |



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