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Edwin Palmer Hoyt (1923–2005)

Autor/a de Japan's War: The Great Pacific Conflict

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Edwin P. Hoyt (1923-2005) was an independent historian who published nearly two hundred books, mostly in the area of military history, including The Last Kamikaze and Hirohito. After serving in World War II with the Office of War Information, he was a journalist for more than a decade before mostra'n més becoming a full-time writer. mostra'n menys


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Well-written and engaging account of German submarine warfare during World War II.

I bought this book, and several others on the subject after seeing DAS BOOT many years ago. This book filled in many details about life aboard German submarines and their prey. 15 pages of illustrations accompany the text.

My interest was also personal because my father and father-in-law both served aboard Liberty Ships, a favorite target of German submarines because their slow speed. Their cargo of trains, tanks, munitions and other supplies. Fortunately, both father and father-in-law returned home safely. Neither man talked of his war experiences but we were able to obtain their personnel files from the National Archives. Both served with distinction and came home safely after surviving some close calls at sea and at dockside during V-2 attacks in Amsterdam.

Hoyt's book reminds us that we never should take freedom for granted. Those who served and those who continue to serve should be honored for their service.
… (més)
KevB1601 | Apr 21, 2023 |
Recounts the destruction of American shipping early in World War II when Nazi U-boats went against the East Coast, and tells how a defense that worked was assembled by 1943
MasseyLibrary | Jan 14, 2023 |
This is a detailed study of this crucial battle that was the first to be fought entirely by planes launched from aircraft carriers and thus changed the way sailors planned to fight sea battles of the future. While the Japanese won tactically since they sank more American ships than they lost and destroyed more US aircraft as well, the Americans won a strategic victory as the Japanese never again threaten Australia and started their long road back to Japan from where they had commenced their conquests in the 1930's.

Hoyt used almost exclusively primary sources from both the Japanese and American sides rather than other historical works for his research. His journalistic style makes this an easy read.
… (més)
MasseyLibrary | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | Oct 8, 2022 |
laplantelibrary | Jul 9, 2022 |



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