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Dr.T. W. Hunt is a teacher, speaker, and author with degrees from Ouachita Baptist University and the University of North Texas. Dr. Hunt has been on faculty at Oklahoma College for Women, Spanish Baptist Theological Seminary, and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and has served as interim mostra'n més pastor at churches in the United States and abroad. Formerly consultant in prayer for Life Way Christian Resources, he now speaks at colleges, churches, and conferences nationwide. mostra'n menys

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The Doctrine of Prayer (1986) 373 exemplars
The Mind of Christ [Workbook] (1994) 147 exemplars
Mind of Christ Leader Guide (2001) 19 exemplars
Pray in Faith (2007) 17 exemplars
Mind of Christ Listening Guide (1994) 8 exemplars


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jmcdbooks | Dec 23, 2019 |
NCLA Review - T.W. Hunt is a teacher, speaker, and author and is a consultant in prayer for LifeWay Christian Resources. He is a man of few words, but they are concise and immensely inspiring and helpful. He helps us understand the meaning of “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” He tells us such faith should permeate our thoughts and actions if we are to truly understand, rather than just believe, in God. He put it well: “Faith is the eyes through which we see the unseen.” He inspires us to demonstrate diligence, to listen, to persevere, and he explains the importance and how-to’s of doing so. If we are gripped by this sense of reality, doubt will not be possible, for certainty is faith. Another quote to end this review: “People who have God as the center of their lives can change the world.” Rating 4 —EB… (més)
ncla | Oct 7, 2011 |
"The Mind of Christ: The Transforming Power of Thinking His Thoughts" by T.W. Hunt served to be an insightful and exhilarating read for those searching to have "the mind of christ." In my opinion, having "the mind of christ" is having the ability to think like Jesus thought, or according to exercises that T.W. Hunt has you work on throughout the book, it's the ability of directing your thoughts to be as close to the thoughts of Jesus Himself.
Dr. Hunt begins with several exercises for the reader to go through...just to check on their through processes to see where they're mind is at...and, if it's not thinking a certain way, he explains that you need to take time out and pray about leaning more towards the spiritual way of thinking. He also explains in detail the charactistics of Christ, and conveys to his reader what Christ thinks is important.
Moreover, similar to the movie "The Passion of the Christ" by Mel Gibson, Dr. Hunt describes in detail how Jesus was tried and found guilty before he was cruxified. He explains in tremendous detail the pain and agony that Jesus suffered and endured on the cross. It definitely made me pay more attention during communion when we take the Lord's forced me to ponder on just how much Christ loves me and what He went through for me.
T.W. Hunt does a great job of "spelling out" the mind of Christ for the reader, and helps them come to a greater understanding of His thoughts, and how they may come to think more like Him.
I give it 5 stars.
… (més)
pamelareadz | Nov 26, 2010 |
This workbook was life-changing for me.
Abbaskid78 | Feb 24, 2008 |

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