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Walter Isaacson was born on May 20, 1952 in New Orleans, Louisiana. He received a B. A. in history and literature from Harvard College. He then attended the University of Oxford, where he was a Rhodes Scholar at Pembroke College and read philosophy, politics, and economics. He began his career in mostra'n més journalism at The Sunday Times of London and then the New Orleans Times-Picayune/States-Item. He joined TIME in 1978 and served as a political correspondent, national editor and editor of new media before becoming the magazine's editor in 1996. He became Chairman and CEO of CNN in 2001, and then president and CEO of the Aspen Institute in 2003. He has written numerous books including American Sketches, Einstein: His Life and Universe, Benjamin Franklin: An American Life, Kissinger: A Biography, Steve Jobs, and The Innovators: How a Group of Hackers, Geniuses, and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution. He is the co-author, with Evan Thomas, of The Wise Men: Six Friends and the World They Made. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra'n menys
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Nom oficial
Isaacson, Walter Seff
Data de naixement
Lloc de naixement
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Llocs de residència
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Washington, DC, USA
Deep Springs College
Harvard University (BA|1974)
Pembroke College, Oxford University (MA|1976)
Time (1978-2001, Editor 1996-2001)
CNN (CEO, 2001-2003)
Aspen Institute (president and CEO, 2003-)
Teach for America (chair emeritus)
Tulane University
Premis i honors
Rhodes Scholar
Jefferson Lecture (2014)
Gerald Loeb Award (2012)
American Philosophical Society (2005)
American Academy of Arts & Sciences (2016)
Fellow, Royal Society of the Arts (mostra-les totes 9)
Benjamin Franklin Medal (2013)
National Humanities Medal (2021)
Carl Sandburg Literary Award (2012)
Biografia breu
Walter Isaacson, University Professor of History at Tulane, has been CEO of the Aspen Institute, chairman of CNN, and editor of Time magazine. He is the author of Leonardo da Vinci; Steve Jobs; Einstein: His Life and Universe; Benjamin Franklin: An American Life; and Kissinger: A Biography. He is also the coauthor of The Wise Men: Six Friends and the World They Made.



other walter isaacson books a Book talk (maig 2012)


A fascinating biography of a key figure in American history, revealing far more depth and nuance than found in his well known Autobiography. Isaacson fleshes out a life that is even more pivotal in key events in history than you may know, and a man who had as many shortcomings and foibles as one could have, yet persevered and repeatedly reinvented himself to match what circumstances he encountered. Neither a glowing paean to Franklin nor a condemnation by modern standards, but brings more light to the complex life of B. Franklin, printer.… (més)
kokeyama | Hi ha 83 ressenyes més | May 25, 2024 |
Better than Dyson's Turing's Cathedral and just as good as Gleick's The Information: A History, A Theory, A Flood as a history of computing. It benefits from Isaacson's penchant for writing interesting biography and his familiarity with Jobs and Gates. As a kid in the 1980s whose dad brought home a Tandy TRS-80 from Radio Shack around age seven, who played Turtle and Oregon Trail on the Apple IIe at school, who wrote programs in BASIC, and whp had multiple yahoo and hotmail accounts to get around pesky storage limits, who played Trinity on his great-grandma's Commodore 64, and who played Atari and Colecovision, etc., this book hit home for me on a certain level and era. My only wish is that it had a chapter on Radio Shack et al., the entry point for many an amateur in the 1980s. It could also have had more pictures. But, it is an interesting, intriguing, thorough, and important history of computers and the world they made up to 2014. It could be expanded today to include the pervasiveness of the iPhone, social media, wifi, and A.I. text generators. That is another 100 pages that could be now added.… (més)
tuckerresearch | Hi ha 42 ressenyes més | May 21, 2024 |
A little longer than it needed to be, it seemed to me, with the author's conclusion re-emphasizing qualities that were already highlighted in the narrative, but still, a very interesting biography. Leonardo left many notes about his interests and activities which aided the biographer tremendously, in explaining Leonardo's goals, interests, preferences, observations, inventions, etc. Leonardo is described as a polymath, who though "unlettered," apparently his own words, was highly intelligent, imaginative, and knowledgeable in multiple disciplines--with much of his knowledge based on empirical experimentation and observation.
Great narrating, by the way, by Alfred Molina.
… (més)
TraSea | Hi ha 74 ressenyes més | Apr 29, 2024 |
I thought this would be more of a biography of Jennifer Doudna then it was, but still enjoyed it. Kind of an overview of crispr, the various scientists that were involved in its discovery and what it all means. along the way you get an inside look at how research science works, how patents and corporate culture are effecting academia and also the nobility of curiosity for its own sake
1 vota
cspiwak | Hi ha 49 ressenyes més | Mar 6, 2024 |



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