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Francisco Jiménez emigrated from Tlaquepaque, Mexico to California, where he worked for many years in the fields with his family. He received a bachelor's degree from Santa Clara University and a master's degree and a Ph.D. in Latin American literature from Columbia University. He is a professor mostra'n més at Santa Clara University. He has published and edited several books on Mexican and Mexican American literature, and his stories have been published in over 100 textbooks and anthologies of literature. His books include The Circuit, Breaking Through, La Mariposa, The Christmas Gift/El Regalo de Navidad, Reaching Out, and Taking Hold: From Migrant Childhood to Columbia University. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra'n menys
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Breaking Through (2001) 702 exemplars
La Mariposa (1998) 402 exemplars
Reaching Out (2008) 282 exemplars
La Ni–a Violeta (2013) 12 exemplars
The Circuit Graphic Novel (2024) 2 exemplars
FRANCIS DRAKE (2013) 2 exemplars

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libreriarofer | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | Jul 15, 2023 |
In this highly autobiographical novel Francisco Jimenez tells the story of a Mexican family, who ruined by the aftermath of NAFTA, escapes to California to become migrant workers. The story is told from the point of view of the second son, who is around six years old in the beginning of the book. Sometimes the children help their parents harvesting cotton, strawberries and other crops. They only attend school a few months a year in various places. Since the children don't speak English they a dependent on the willingness of individual teachers to learn enough to get by. As time goes on the family grow and by the end of the book there are six children.

I loved this close look at the migrant worker experience in the fifties and sixties. The language is clear and simple, end the chapters are short, which makes the book very legible for fifth or sixth graders. The content, however, is definitely also meant for adults. I am looking forward to reading the sequel "Breaking Through".
… (més)
Marietje.Halbertsma | Hi ha 256 ressenyes més | Jan 9, 2022 |
Only 2 stars because a couple passages managed to tug on my heartstrings a little bit. Otherwise, I have found far more cohesive, moving testaments to border issues. And WTF is up with that ending? For realz.
LibroLindsay | Hi ha 256 ressenyes més | Jun 18, 2021 |


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