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From Kirkus: "A candid and powerful reckoning of history."
BackstoryBooks | Hi ha 32 ressenyes més | Apr 3, 2024 |
Gr 3–7—Bold artwork accompanies authentic characters in this pitch-perfect look at sibling rivalry and adolescent
self-discovery during the dreaded middle school years. Heading into sixth grade with different hopes and
expectations, twins Maureen and Francine find their once close relationship threatened—but their biggest challenge
arrives when both decide to run for class president.
BackstoryBooks | Hi ha 15 ressenyes més | Apr 2, 2024 |
Great audiobook narrator; he was the perfect narrative voice.

10-year-old Ant is teased about being small and weak. But is it really weak to be a nice person and talk about your feelings? Ant's best friend has bullying tendencies and seems to be carrying on the tradition of toxic masculinity, but luckily Ant makes a new friend who is 1000% better. Her name is Shirley and she gets teased about being tall and confident.

This was kind of like a sports story, but with a card game called Spades instead of athletics. It reminded me a bit of [b:Not an Easy Win|61356472|Not an Easy Win|Chrystal D. Giles||96769757] which featured chess. Spades is often accompanied by trash talk, but the "yo mama" jokes in this book are so old and corny. I cringed.

From the description I read, I thought Ant's recently deceased grandfather would play more of a role in the story, and while he definitely has a presence in the story, he's not talked about much. This is not a book about grieving the loss of a grandparent. It's more of a book about emotional maturity, friendship, trust, and coming to terms with a very flawed parent.

Content notes: Ant's father is an alcoholic but tries to hide it. He also has a gambling addiction. There is nothing super traumatic on the page.
… (més)
LibrarianDest | Hi ha 2 ressenyes més | Jan 3, 2024 |
An homage to [b:The Westing Game|902|The Westing Game|Ellen Raskin||869832] with historical context that adds a lot of depth. I liked that the plot shifted between the present-day when Candice and Brandon are trying to solve the mystery and the past events on which the mystery is based in the 1950s. Young readers will learn a lot about American history and segregation while also considering the prejudices that still run rampant today.

I thought the plotting could have been tighter and that the kids could've gotten to the puzzle-solving earlier in the book. As a mystery, this wasn't as carefully constructed as I think it could have been (not like The Westing Game, for example). But when you consider that the author was trying to give the book more of a conscience/soul than just a standard mystery, it makes sense. The twist, when it comes, is a doozy that I didn't anticipate at all.

… (més)
LibrarianDest | Hi ha 32 ressenyes més | Jan 3, 2024 |



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