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Darynda Jones is the American author of the Charley Davidson series of paranormal romantic thrillers and a young adult series called The Darklight Trilogy. Her books, Eighth Grave after Dark and Summoned toThirteenth Grave, made the New York Times bestseller list. (Bowker Author Biography)


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Friona, TX, USA
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New Mexico, USA
University of New Mexico
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Goodreads Choice Award Nominee (Goodreads Author, 2012)



This is the third book in the Sunshine Vicram series which should be read in order and not stand alone. it begins with a plot in book one which is gradually revealed through the following books. What doesn't change is the witty sarcasm that makes Sunshine Vicram a likeable protagonist. She is a single mother to teenage daughter, Auri, who returns home to Del Sol, New Mexico to act as sheriff. She discovers that her parents had somehow rigged an election for her to become the new sheriff. It's a small town with many well-meaning characters who make you laugh with their attempts to help.

At this point, Sunshine has resolved the issue of her abduction when she was 17 years-old. She is also trying to keep track of her inquisitive and crime solving daughter, Auri, who seems to find trouble while investigating some missing girls in town. Sunshine discovered that Levi Ravinder, her first love, wasn't as involved with his family's shady distillery business as once thought. Sunshine can't help but feel the attraction she once had for him all those years ago. Her parents help out with keeping an eye on Auri as plays amateur detective and possibly finding a crush of her own. Good friend Quincy Cooper, the deputy sheriff, is always available to provide support as well. Aside from the case of the missing girls, they have to investigate the town flasher who is found with knitting needles in this neck.

This is addition does not disappoint with the mystery, wit and humor. A fun cozy mystery series.

Thank you NetGalley and St Martin's Press for sending this book for review
consideration. All opinions are my own.
… (més)
marquis784 | Hi ha 18 ressenyes més | Mar 18, 2024 |
After 15 years, Sunshine Vicram returns to her hometown of Del Sol, New Mexico and is more surprised than the town mayor, Donna Lomas, to discover she had won the election for town sheriff and she hadn’t run for the position. Her parents are delighted and seem to have rigged the election in her favor. Sun has always had a contentious relationship with her parents who pay no regard to letter of the law. Her parents are pleased that Sunny returned home with her teenage daughter, Auri.

From the first book, we learn that Auri doesn't know her father and this novel has Sun reflecting back to the time when she discovered she was pregnant. It felt like a lifetime ago and Sun still has trouble remembering the traumatic event she experienced when she was abducted at 17 years-old. She still has her oldest friend, Quincy Cooper, in which she confides who recalls how in love she was with Levi Ravinder whose family had been involved with some shady distillery business. As she tries to uncover who abductor her all those years ago all evidence points to Levi which she has trouble accepting. You would think that life in a small town would be peaceful and less than exciting but not in Del Sol! From a menacing racoon to handling assaults, she has to reel in her daughter who seems to be drawn to trying to solve crime as well. The story has serious topics which are addressed with mystery and just the right amount of sarcastic humor which makes Sunshine a character you want to have a happy ending.… (més)
marquis784 | Hi ha 31 ressenyes més | Mar 18, 2024 |
Fun and sassy and magical. All the best things. I love the world she's building here.
ardaiel | Hi ha 9 ressenyes més | Mar 4, 2024 |
A Hard Day for a Hangover
Sunshine Vicram, Book 3

Media Type: Audiobook
Source: CC Public Library
Dates Read: 2/13/24 - 2/15/24
Stars: 5

Everything I want to gush about is a major spoiler. I’ll just say if you were into the first two books you will not be disappointed by this last installment. Actually, you might be disappointed that it is the last installment, I know I am. Ms Jones has built something pretty special in Del Sol.… (més)
bookjunkie57 | Hi ha 18 ressenyes més | Feb 16, 2024 |



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