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William Kalush is the founder of the Conjuring Arts Research Center and publisher of Gibeciere

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Even though I found this a bit dry at time, I also found it interesting Houdini was always one of my childhood heroes. Reading this book made me like him even more. What an extraordinary man in magic, athletics, and knowledge.
Ghost_Boy | Hi ha 13 ressenyes més | Aug 25, 2022 |
Beatthat | Hi ha 13 ressenyes més | Oct 7, 2014 |
Interesting bio of Houdini. I had just finished reading the Confabulist and it prompted me to read this bio. Much of the info crossed over from the novel to the bio but I still found some new facts about Houdini. There are some nice photos in this book as well. The book is really well researched and it reads quite quickly. Perhaps because I had just finished the other Houdini book I found this bio a bit tedious and lengthy at times. For anyone interested in his life and personality, this is a good reference.… (més)
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bnbookgirl | Hi ha 13 ressenyes més | Jun 15, 2014 |
Wow. First, let me just congratulate myself on reading every word of this 560 page opus! It's been years since I've read anything this long. In fact, it's really possible that this is the longest book I've ever read.

Secondly, I'd like to note that it's also very possible that I now know more about the man who was Harry Houdini than I know about my own husband. The authors were extremely thorough in their investigations...and that's putting it mildly.

Overall, I'd have to say that I like the person Houdini was. What often comes across as arrogance is often superseded by charm. Although, if the medical diagnosis on record is correct regarding his death, I'd say it was ultimately his arrogance that did him in.

One of the most fascinating facts in the book, in my opinion, was that Houdini was the first person to pilot a plane over Australia. That's neat! The incident a couple pages over about knocking loose a submerged corpse was pretty interesting too!

I was amazed by Houdini's efforts to raise finances during the war. He truly was a go-getter and, the fact that this unstoppable attitude brought about a million dollars' worth of sold war bonds in just a year, blows my mind!

The authors devoted a lot of time to Houdini's debunking myths and exposing falsehoods. I liked this because it showed that he had a strong humanitarian side and that he spent his last days doing good for the sake of others. I was shocked, several times, by the gullibility of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I was actually embarrassed for him when the authors discussed his surprise at the "removable thumb" trick. What a sad life he must have led---he was obviously possessed, insane, or both.

Unanswered questions include: what was the deal with Dr. Crandon and the boys? It would have been nice to have some follow up there---but perhaps that whole subject is still a mystery.

As a whole, I was really impressed with this biography of the Great Houdini. I will set this aside to release soon.
… (més)
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lostinavalonOR | Hi ha 13 ressenyes més | Feb 25, 2014 |

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