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Victor Kelleher was born in London in 1939 and moved to Australia in 1976 via Africa and New Zealand. He was formerly an associate professor of literature, but chose to write full-time from his home He writes books for both children and adults including Papio, Baily's Bones, The Red King, Taronga, mostra'n més Fire Dancer, The Ivory Trail, Brother Night, Dogboy, and Goblin in the Snow. He has won numerous awards including the Ditmar Award for Best Australian Novel for Beast of Heaven in 1985, Kids Own Aust Literature Award (KOALA) in 1991 for The Red King, the Children's Peace Lit Award (PEACE) in 1989 for The Makers, and the CBC Book of the Year in 1983 for Master of the Grove. He also writes under the pseudonym of Veronica Hart. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra'n menys

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Taronga (1986) 137 exemplars
Master of the grove (1982) 91 exemplars
The Red King (1989) 82 exemplars
Parkland (1995) 49 exemplars
The hunting of Shadroth (1981) 48 exemplars
Earthsong (1996) 39 exemplars
Brother Night (1990) 38 exemplars
Del-Del (1991) 38 exemplars
Dogboy (2005) 37 exemplars
Fire Dancer (1996) 36 exemplars
Into the Dark (1999) 35 exemplars
Where the Whales Sing (1994) 34 exemplars
To the Dark Tower (1992) 32 exemplars
The Makers (1987) 30 exemplars
The Green Piper (1984) 29 exemplars
Papio (1984) 25 exemplars
Baily's Bones (1988) 22 exemplars
Slow Burn (1997) 19 exemplars
Storyman (1996) 19 exemplars
The Beast of Heaven (1984) 19 exemplars
The gorilla suit (2002) 17 exemplars
The Ivory Trail (1999) 17 exemplars
Beyond the Dusk (2000) 14 exemplars
The Magic Violin (2006) 14 exemplars
Tim & Tig (2007) 13 exemplars
Micky Darlin' (1992) 13 exemplars
Red Heart (2001) 12 exemplars
What Dino saw (2004) 11 exemplars
Where's God? (2005) 11 exemplars
Goblin in the Rainforest (1600) 11 exemplars
The Other (2001) 10 exemplars
Em's story : a novel (1988) 6 exemplars
Born of the sea (2003) 6 exemplars
Wintering (1990) 6 exemplars
Goblin in the Snow (2005) 5 exemplars
Goblin at the Zoo (2005) 5 exemplars
Collected Stories (1999) 5 exemplars
Rescue! (1992) 5 exemplars
Voices from the River (1991) 5 exemplars
Spaceman Bill (2005) 4 exemplars
Goblin in the City (2004) 3 exemplars
The Grimes family (2004) 2 exemplars
Africa and After (1983) 2 exemplars
Billy the Baked-Bean Kid (2002) 1 exemplars

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A fascinating post-post-apocolyptic YA book (before YA was even a thing) set in Sydney, Australia. "Taronga" follows the journey of Ben (a young man who has a psychic connections to animals) as he attempts to find his place in the new world. Ben eventually makes his way to the old Taronga Park Zoo, where his connection with Ellie, an aboriginal girl, and the animals, give him hope in his otherwise bleak existence.

I really enjoyed the book and loved the retro eighties feel - the cover of my book is a "Ken Done" illustration, and if you took the path taken by Ben from the Blue Mountains, through Windsor and into Sydney these days, there'd be very little bush and loads of outer suburban housing - ain't progress grand!… (més)
SarahEBear | Hi ha 3 ressenyes més | Aug 11, 2017 |
A tale for young adults in which a young man, Tom Roland, experiences vivid dreams which seem to have effects on his waking existence. His whole town is embroiled in his dream-quest. Increasingly the waking world and the dream intersect. The book balances the dream world and the waking world, each hovering on the edge of each other. It is well-written and tense. It reminded me of Alan Garner's work, where ancient pagan entities threaten to intrude into a world similar to but not exactly like ours.… (més)
questbird | Jun 6, 2017 |
I enjoyed Victor Kelleher's childrens' fiction and so picked up this collection of adult short stories. It is divided into two main sections: The Traveller, stories of two continents and Micky Darlin'. The Traveller stories were mostly set in Africa, with a few in Australia or New Zealand. The tales were about melancholy rootlessness, disconnection, isolation and race relations. The Micky Darlin' set was a coming-of-age sequence set in England in a poor Irish neighbourhood after World War 2. They detail Micky's squabbling extended family; their fights with each other and God.

I found the Traveller tales interesting for their African content but quite bleak. The Micky Darlin' tales were a bit hard to get into (not an exciting genre for me) but were well-written (and short) enough to engage me. Overall the writing was good but I prefer Kelleher's more imaginative stories.
… (més)
questbird | Mar 3, 2017 |
I'm not a big fan of sword&sorcery fantasy, but this adventure, best for 9-14 year-olds, was more about the characters than about magical tropes. I was very impressed by how original it was, and fun & exciting.
Cheryl_in_CC_NV | Jun 6, 2016 |



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