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Jesse Kellerman was born on September 1, 1978 in Los Angeles, California. Before going to college, he took a year off to study at a men's religious seminary in Israel. He studied psychology, with an emphasis on evolution and antisocial behavior, at Harvard University and received a Master's of Fine mostra'n més Arts in theater from Brandeis University. He has written numerous novels including The Executor, The Genius, Trouble and Sunstroke. He has won several awards for his writing, including the 2003 Princess Grace Award, given to America's most promising young playwright. Jesse Kellerman co-wrrote bestseller, The Golem of Hollywood, with his father Jonathan Kellerman. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra'n menys


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The Brutal Art (2008) 785 exemplars
Sunstroke (2006) 459 exemplars
Crime Scene: A Novel (2017) 450 exemplars
The Golem of Hollywood (2014) 446 exemplars
Trouble (2007) 444 exemplars
The Executor (2010) 334 exemplars
A Measure of Darkness: A Novel (2018) 306 exemplars
The Golem of Paris (2015) 238 exemplars
Potboiler (2012) 139 exemplars
Controller (2018) — Autor — 24 exemplars
I'll Catch You (2012) 13 exemplars
Things Beyond Our Control (2004) 1 exemplars
Que la bête s'échappe (2017) 1 exemplars

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My first warning should have been the lengthy flashback that came early in the book and provided a fairly uninteresting backstory for the character. Worse still, the backstory did not impact the overall story to the extent given in the telling.

The main character is a snobbish professional student who spends an extraordinary amount of time agonizing over trivia matters. Suddenly, when faced with a life threatening situation, he changes into a cold-blooded killer. The shift is abrupt and so complete as to sound like an entirely different person from one half of the story to the next.

Adding to the problems of almost implausible character behavior is the audiobook narrator’s mispronunciation of several words.

What saves the story from a single-star rating is the interesting, if self-involved theme, and the old woman who dies.
… (més)
AMKitty | Hi ha 18 ressenyes més | May 23, 2023 |
A very good mystery without a lot of technical forensics and gore.
naturegirlj9 | Hi ha 16 ressenyes més | Mar 26, 2023 |
The Golem of Paris is an excellent book. It is a continuation of The Golem of Hollywood. The book is a Jewish story of forgiveness. The story is one that is complicated taking place in Los Angeles and Paris, France. Although there are good guys and bad guys. This book is not one for people who do not understand Judaism, the fight of the Jewish people in Eastern Europe and the struggle of a son solving a crime that happened to his mother. Five stars were awarded to this book for its creative storyline, and tremendous research that went into the history of the golem.… (més)
lbswiener | Hi ha 11 ressenyes més | Sep 27, 2022 |
It was different. I alternated between being really interested in how things were tying into Jewish mythology and religion, then it would never quite get there. Overall, just interesting enough for me to finish it but probably not enough for me to read another.
ELockett | Hi ha 26 ressenyes més | Sep 26, 2022 |



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