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Dragon's Code: Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern (2018) 272 exemplars, 10 ressenyes

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Nom oficial
Kennedy, Georgeanne
Altres noms
McCaffrey, Gigi
Kennedy, Gigi
Data de naixement
Lloc de naixement
McCaffrey, Anne (mother)
McCaffrey, Todd (brother)
Biografia breu
igi McCaffrey - her parents named her Georgeanne - was born in the USA in 1959. Her late mother, Anne McCaffrey, and one of her brothers, Todd, moved to Ireland in 1970 while Gigi's oldest brother, Alec A. Johnson, remained in the US to attend university. Gigi landed in her element when she moved to Ireland and fell deeply in love with horses. She pursued a career as an equestrienne; breaking and training horses, caring for them, and teaching others how to do so, too. Gigi suffered from Crohn's disease from the age of 15, and although she tried to remain in her chosen career the universe had other plans for her. Over the years Gigi has worked in a wide variety of jobs. She helped manage the 'traffic' in a courier company; walloped pots and washed floors in a restaurant in Maastricht (so long ago!); sought and failed to achieve an accountancy degree (yawn); worked in the admin department of the Music Center in downtown Los Angeles (great boss, great experience), keeping the company's resident performing arts groups resident; did a stint as a script reader for one of Hollywood's top casting companies whilst trying to figure out the meaning of life; and finally realized that Ireland was where she. needed to be. In 1990 Gigi met Geoffrey Kennedy and they married in 1993, proudly increasing their family size by one with the birth of their son Owen in 1998. After her return to Ireland Gigi helped her mother in many aspects of her work and later, as that great lady's health failed, she helped her in her personal life. Gigi lives in the Garden of Ireland, ironically on the edge of the Devil's Glen, with Geoff, Owen and the incomparable hound, Sid. She has also written short stories in collaboration with her mother under the pen name of



Not the author her mother was, but I’m glad at any chance to visit Pern again.
Anniik | Hi ha 9 ressenyes més | Nov 26, 2022 |
When Todd started writing with his mom, I was cautiously optimistic. I grew up on Pern, loved Pern, and re-read the series every couple years. I knew Anne was aging, and I was hopeful that Todd, having grown up with her and writing with her, would be able to take over and continue to tell stories in a world I loved. Like I said, I was optimistic. Right up until I read the first few books. Todd made radical changes to the canon, used the same repetitive plots over and over, and wrote the flattest, most Mary Sue-ish characters in the series.

Now I realize I was perhaps too hard on Todd. Gigi is by far the weaker of the two and Anne made do with what she had.

Todd played pretty much in his own timeline, picking a pass that wasn't used in his mother's stories. This gave him a lot of freedom while writing - freedom to make his own characters, plots, small adjustments to geography, etc. I thought that was respectful of his mother's creation. Don't get me wrong - he still fucked up canon in ways that didn't make sense (as opposed to the small errs that Anne made, which were largely typos in dragon names or colors), but it was at least temporally isolated from the rest of Pern.

Gigi just dives into some of the most popular, most well-established and well-loved characters of the series to reprise one of the biggest stories in the series. Its a super ballsy move that would take a lot of knowledge and skill to pull off, and Gigi, sadly, does not have either. There's multiple small issues with the canon. For example, Gigi seems to mistake the Terran horses for the Pandoran direhorse. Horses have 4 legs, not 6.

But I can almost, almost ignore those. Like I said, Anne made small typos too. Here, Gigi is writing about Piemur, Sebell, Menolly, and Robinton. None of their personality is captured. The dialogue is stilted and without any character voice (plenty of painful fake accents, though). There is no plot to speak of and what little plot there is is recycled from other Pern books and underdeveloped. Oh no, the dragons are sick again, oh wait here's a convenient, ancient cure. Oh no, we don't have enough dragons to fight Thread oh wait we convinced some to do a time jump. Todd overused these plots to death and Gigi appears to follow the trend.

Piemur lacks any real agency - he just wanders place to place as he's told reporting information people either already knew or don't care about. His biggest contribution is a half-page speech at the end that was painfully cliched and the resulting success doesn't feel earned.

At this point I think I'm done hoping that Pern will continue. Anne gave us over a dozen solid Pern stories. We should be content with that.

TL;DR: This is the Pern equivalent of Star Wars prequels, or the Twilight book Life and Death - a story that could be told, but didn't need to be told, wasn't told well, and contributed nothing to the established story/setting.
… (més)
kaitlynn_g | Hi ha 9 ressenyes més | Dec 13, 2020 |
So wonderful to return to Pern after all these years.
aldimartino | Hi ha 9 ressenyes més | Nov 24, 2020 |
So wonderful to return to Pern after all these years.
Andy_DiMartino | Hi ha 9 ressenyes més | Nov 24, 2020 |

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