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André Kertész (1894–1985)

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On Reading (1971) 296 exemplars
Andre Kertesz (2001) — Fotògraf — 102 exemplars
André Kertész (Photofile) (1977) 64 exemplars
Andre Kertesz: The Early Years (2005) 59 exemplars
Andre Kertesz: The Polaroids (2007) 52 exemplars
Andre Kertesz of Paris and New York (1985) — Fotògraf — 34 exemplars
Birds (1979) 34 exemplars
Portraits (1979) 30 exemplars
Americana (1979) 28 exemplars
Landscapes (1979) 23 exemplars
Hungarian Memories (1982) 19 exemplars
From My Window (1981) 14 exemplars
LEER (2016) 13 exemplars
Stranger to Paris (1992) 12 exemplars
Of New York ... (1976) 10 exemplars
Washington Square (1975) 9 exemplars
Distortions (1976) 8 exemplars
Andre Kertesz 8 exemplars
Day of Paris (1945) 6 exemplars
Andre Kertesz In Paris (1995) 4 exemplars
Photographe (1987) 4 exemplars
Of New York 3 exemplars
A. Kertész : 1894 - 1985 - 1994 — Fotògraf — 2 exemplars
ANDRE KERTESZ. Vintage Photographs. (1985) — Fotògraf — 2 exemplars
Andre Kertesz: Postcard Box (2005) 2 exemplars
Momente eines Lebens (1993) 2 exemplars
Intîme plaisir de lire (1998) 1 exemplars
A ma fenêtre (1981) 1 exemplars
Portraits 1 exemplars
André Kertész (2007) 1 exemplars
Paragraphic: Andre Kertesz (1966) 1 exemplars
Kertesz: Photographs (1967) 1 exemplars
Paris 1 exemplars
Magyarorszagon (1984) 1 exemplars
Ma France (1990) 1 exemplars
André Kertész (1978) 1 exemplars

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André Kertész (1894-1985) was one of the most inventive, influential, and prolific photographers in the medium's history.

His combination of Modernist vision and poetic wit defined a vocabulary that generations of photographers have continued to use. Kertész's iconic images of 1920s Paris, such as "Chez Mondrian" and "Satiric Dancer" and his later images from New York "Melancholic Tulip," "Washington Square" have seeped into contemporary culture, and yet Kertész maintained that the real roots of his work were in Hungary. This book, the first completely dedicated to Kertész's early Hungarian prints, offers a unique window on the origins of genius. Ninety images, selected from more than 1,000 contact prints in the artist's estate, are meticulously reproduced to actual size, revealing the explosive cultural context of early twentieth-century Hungary. A treasured addition to any photography library, André Kertész: The Early Years is a rare opportunity to witness the beginnings of a great artist. 90 duotone photographs… (més)
petervanbeveren | Hi ha 3 ressenyes més | May 11, 2023 |
A powerful collection of the luminous last work by one of the true giants of twentieth-century photography.
After the death of his wife, André Kertész consoled himself by taking up a new camera, the Polaroid SX70. As with earlier equipment, he mastered the camera and produced a provocative body of work that both honored his wife and lifted him out of depression.

Here Kertész dips into his reserves one last time, tapping new people, ideas, and tools to generate a whole new body of work through which he transforms from a broken man into a youthful artist. Taken in his apartment just north of New York City’s Washington Square, many of these photographs were shot either from his window or in the windowsill. We see a fertile mind at work, combining personal objects into striking still lifes set against cityscape backgrounds, reflected and transformed in glass surfaces. Almost entirely unpublished work, these photographs are a testament to the genius of the photographer’s eye as manifested in the simple Polaroid. Duotone photographs throughout… (més)
petervanbeveren | Aug 5, 2022 |
En casa?. Formato muy pequeño
ElCapitanTrueno | Jul 1, 2020 |

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