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Dean King is the author of the national bestseller Skeletons on the Zahara Unbound and A Sea of Words. He has written for many publications including Men's Journal Esquire, Garden Gun, Granta, Outside, and the New York Times. He lives in Richmond, Virginia.

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Richmond, Virginia, USA
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Richmond, Virginia, USA
University of North Carolina
New York University



One of the best true tales of survival I have read. The event happened in 1815 but because the Arab life on the Sahara changed so little for centuries it could have occurred in 1715 or 1915. Lesson learned: It is better to be the slave of a rich man then a poor man.
ikeman100 | Hi ha 29 ressenyes més | Feb 18, 2023 |
Harrowing true survival story of the crew of the American brig Commerce who were shipwrecked off the western coast of Africa in 1815, held as slaves by nomadic tribes, and subjected to extreme deprivation in crossing the Zahara (Sahara) desert in a desperate attempt to reach safety. It is a tale of courage, tenacity, quick-thinking, adaptability, endurance, and persuasion. Dean King has blended accounts written separately by two survivors, along with his own research, and his trip retracing the path of the crew’s journey, to create a compelling narrative of survival in the face of tremendous adversity. The crew endured separation, enslavement, beatings, extremes of heat and cold in the desert, sandstorms, starvation, dehydration, and they were tested to their physical and mental limits.

I found this book well-plotted and engrossing. The writing is journalistic in style. One of my favorite parts is the bond of trust developed between two men of very different culture and language, and I thought the author did a great job depicting their characters. Content warnings include: consumption of bodily fluids, insects, (and worse), slaughter of animals, slavery, and brutality. The maps, images, list of terms, cast of characters, and footnotes are extremely helpful. Recommended to fans of maritime history, true adventure, and survival stories.
… (més)
Castlelass | Hi ha 29 ressenyes més | Oct 30, 2022 |
Just amazing, this book will have you dropping your jaw at times upon reading some of the excerpts on life as a [white] slave in the early 19th century, in the Sahara. Compiled by drawing mostly on the written accounts of two of the survivors of the ship Commerce, and calling on other writings about shipwreck, and life in the Sahara, and his own travels through the this desert, King makes an ultimately very readable, engaging, and educational story.

Captain Riley of the Commerce faltered in his navigation of his ship from Gibraltar to the Canary Islands, and instead foundered on Cape Bojador, on the Ivory Coast of Africa. The ship was battered by the waves against the rocks, and whatever cargo they managed to pull up on shore was promptly robbed by Saharans. So the crew set about lowering the longboat and trying to keep it from breaking against the brig. They had some crazy idea that they could make their way to the Canary Islands in the longboat, 100 miles away to the west. They battled current, sleeplessness, and the water let in by holes made in the longboat, despite their care to keep it away from rocks. Fighting for days to row, and suffering from skin chafing, thirst and fatigue from rowing and bailing, they found themselves thrown up on a jagged coastline south of Cape Bojador. They fought their way onto the sand in collapse and were promptly seized by Saharans who made them their slaves. Their horror had only begun.… (més)
burritapal | Hi ha 29 ressenyes més | Oct 23, 2022 |
I browsed through this, but it is intended to be read in conjunction with the novels, to enrich the experience.
ritaer | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | May 23, 2022 |



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