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Thomas King (1) (1943–)

Autor/a de Green Grass, Running Water

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Thomas King was born in 1943 in Sacramento, California to a Cherokee father and a mother of Greek and German descent. He attended the University of Utah where he received a Ph. D. in Literature. His works focus mainly on Native American way of life. His first novel, Medicine River was made into a mostra'n més television movie. His second novel, Green Grass, Running Water won him the Canadian Authors Award for Fiction and it was shortlisted for the Governor General's Award in 1993. In 2003, he received the National Aboriginal Achievement Award. His most recent title DreadfulWater Shows Up, is written under the pseudonym Hartley Goodweather. He resides in Canada and is an Associate Professor of English at the University of Guelph. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra'n menys


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Gr 7 Up—When a mother and son refuse to renounce their Blackfoot nationality while attempting a road trip across
the Canadian-U.S. border, they find themselves recognized as citizens of nowhere. King and Donovan's goldenhued story of Indigenous endurance is a simple yet powerful reminder of the impact of colonial history.
BackstoryBooks | Hi ha 12 ressenyes més | Apr 1, 2024 |
This was more of a 2.5 as it started as a 3 then went downhill a bit for me. I'm not sure why I didn't love it, there was nothing wrong with it, I just couldn't connect with it or really understand it. I know it's probably accurate for many people, but him having named, physical embodiments of his depression and anxiety etc was hard for me to understand and relate to.

Would fit The 52 Book Club's 2021 prompts:
14 - Written By An Author Over 65 When Published
19 - Book With A Deckled Edge
26 - An Author Of Colour
29 - Featuring The Environment
33 - Featuring Adoption
47 - A Character With A Disability
… (més)
Linyarai | Hi ha 11 ressenyes més | Mar 6, 2024 |
Historical Fiction
BooksInMirror | Hi ha 4 ressenyes més | Feb 19, 2024 |
Short stories about Natives and the storytelling culture. Each chapter begins with the same basic story (minor details changed) which conveys the idea that you are following the narrator through several speaking engagements with different audiences. It also conveys the message that people are predictable in their responses to stories. I didn't look much closer than that at the meaning or themes to the book, but it would be interesting to really contemplate them with a group of readers.
Thomas King is a great storyteller and I always enjoy his books.… (més)
LDVoorberg | Hi ha 12 ressenyes més | Dec 24, 2023 |



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