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Miroslav Tichy (2010) 16 exemplars
Rudolf Stingel (2019) 6 exemplars
Luc Tuymans: Ende (2009) 5 exemplars
Jack Whitten (2019) 3 exemplars
Who Knows Tomorrow (2011) 3 exemplars


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'10 Views of Brockmans Mount, a naturally formed hill near Hythe, Kent, England'. Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, catalogue no. 542.
FlipBool | Feb 15, 2022 |
Slipcased in a giant “K,” this beautiful book looks at three treatments of Kafka by Martin Kippenberger, Orson Welles and Tangerine Dream

Gathering three works by Martin Kippenberger, Orson Welles and Tangerine Dream inspired by Kafka’s uncompleted novels Amerika, The Trial and The Castle, K is also a tribute to the publishers and translators of Kafka, and their republication of texts or first translations into English or Italian. The preferred editions of the three novels in English and Italian republished in K are those translated from the restored versions of the German texts.

The structure of the book is led by archival documents with cross-references shown next to the texts representing correspondences with Kafka’s thinking.
… (més)
petervanbeveren | May 15, 2021 |
Since the mid-1960s, Ohio-born artist Elaine Sturtevant has been concerned with one the of the most important themes in Western art--originality. Now living and working in Paris, she reproduces existing paintings by artists such as Marcel Duchamp, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns, and Frank Stella--to name just a few. Often indistinguishable from the originals, these works call attention to the crucial issues of origin and difference. Designed and produced in close collaboration with the artist, this opulently illustrated, two-volume publication is both a catalogue of her extensive oeuvre and an artist's book. Supplemented by probing essays and interviews, it offers an unprecedented overview of the unique and unparalleled work of this American artist.… (més)
petervanbeveren | Nov 29, 2018 |
La artista mexicana, Teresa Margolles, reflexiona en su trabajo sobre uno de los ultimos grandes tabues: la muerte.

This work of the Mexican artist, Margolles, examines death and the tangible reality of the dead body. While her aesthetic is minimalist, she wrests the victims of violence and drug abuse from oblivion.

A catalog accompanies the displays. Diverse texts -- art historian Gabriela Jauregui discusses the Margolles oeuvre, Spanish artist Santiago Sierra provides an epilog, and Mexican author Elmer Mendoza uses an impressionist detective story to depict the violence in Culiacan, a community destroyed by the fact that America provides a huge unrelenting market and most of the guns for these murdering gangsters.… (més)
keylawk | Sep 5, 2013 |

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