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"I've been prepared for a long time. From the day I became Hokage. No. Actually...ever since I decided I wanted to be Hokage."
Thorne9795 | Jun 24, 2022 |
I loved Naruto so much and Boruto really gives me the same feels. It's like talking to an old friend again.
Thorne9795 | Hi ha 2 ressenyes més | Jun 24, 2022 |
It’s a continuation of Boruto as he goes for the chunin exams. Boruto does rather well, only to be discovered for cheating. It’s quite poor character, and his reaction to being discovered only makes it worse. When Oototsuki attack, Naruto has to go to his tail beast form and for the first time Boruto sees how awesome his dad is.

Later Naruto kidnapped by the Oototsuki and it is one of the significant moment when Boruto self realizes and has to change himself. This development seems to make a step forward in his relationship with his father, and see how awesome his dad was and go to rescue his dad with the other kages.

Honestly, it happens rather quickly. There wasn’t really much improvement than the first volume, this was not a good sign. The pacing of events continues to be a problem.

From what I heard, this is a rehash from what happens in the anime. This discourages me from continuing the series.

Why I should continue to read if I was going to read a copy and paste story? Where is the original story?

At the end of the volume, we’re amidst another big fight scene, in the middle of yet another big reveal by the bad guys.

I guess I will have to read the next volume.

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ichimina | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | Mar 20, 2022 |
I have mixed feeling over this series. When Kishimoto release the one shot after Kaguya defeat, I was not happy with how he handle Naruto's future. I hate how Naruto is miserable despite how everything is peaceful. So I hesitate reading his son's side of his story.

Lord, give me strength.

We’re following Boruto here, and he’s clearly a brat. He believes his father is awful because he’s always working and never pays his kids any attention. Boruto thinks a few hours of working on a high level jutsu is too intense, so he goes and cheats with technology rather than innate his ability.

Naruto deserves a fucking family. I didn’t want to pick this up and see a middle-aged man who doesn’t go home every day to see his family, a family that seems too forced together.I’ll just say this: I dislike that Hinata’s character arcs stripped away, so she could be the perfect "wife" for the main character. Same with Sakura. I know from spoilers that Sakura and Sasuke’s relationship is a joke as well. Why did these writers take away all the female empowerment just to have kids with specific combination abilities?

Why Sasuke is training Baruto and not his own child? I don’t get Sarada is so happy that her dad is helping him. When one shot, she wants to have a relationship with her own father.

The pacing of this story is too fast. We barely get to know the characters, and we are off to the chunin exam. The original took the time. We get to know the dynamic team seven. Here, we barely know what dynamic Boruto has with his teammate Sarada Uchiha and Mitsuki.

The art style looks so degrading. It looks nothing like Kishimoto original art style. Which is such a shame because I did like Kishimoto art style.

In the end, Boruto is a safe start of a sequel to a series. I didn’t mind reading, but it wasn’t great. It’s not really my series, though.

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ichimina | Hi ha 2 ressenyes més | Mar 20, 2022 |

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