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Naomi Kritzer is an American writer and blogger, born April 23, 1974 in North Carolina. Her work includes two novel series Dead River, and Eliana's Song. Her first short story, Faust's SASE" was published in 1999 and she has published over twenty more. Her short story, Cat Pictures Please, was mostra'n més published in 2015 and won the 2016 Hugo Awards for Best Short Story and a Locus Award for Best First Novel. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra'n menys

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North Carolina, USA
Carleton College




This was a mixed bag of short fiction—the bits I liked I loved a lot, and the bits I didn't like I generally REALLY didn't like. The stand-out by far was “The Year Without Sunshine” by Naomi Kritzer. “A Piece of the Continent” by Marissa Lingen was also quite enjoyable. I read the nonfiction articles this time, too, and really liked the article by Amanda-Rae Prescott on Doctor Who regenerating into a Black man.


“The Year Without Sunshine” by Naomi Kritzer
“The Pandemonium Waltz” by Jeffrey Ford
“The Quiet of Drowning” by Kel Coleman
“We’re Looking for the Best” by Cecil Castellucci
“A Piece of the Continent” by Marissa Lingen
“Endof Play” by Chelsea Sutton
“Esqueleto” by Ana Hurtado
“Scalzi on Film: Speed Racer’s Long Road” by John Scalzi
“Ncuti to the Moon” by Amanda-Rae Prescott
“The Telling Silence of A Ghost Story for Christmas” by Paul Cornell
“Sweat and Skin” by Lee Mandelo
“yes, your reflection is screaming” by Carlie St. George
“Not Cricket” by Tehnuka
“How to Haunt a Northern Lake” by Lora Gray
“Ferry to the Island of Ghosts” by Angela Liu
… (més)
ca.bookwyrm | Feb 7, 2024 |
My opinion on Turning the storm is sort of similar to that of Fires of the faithful. It has a great heroine, it passes the Bechdel test, and it has a nice story. I did find myself drifting away on occasion. I'm not sure if I can describe what it was, but I was a bit impatient with it at times. I think it would have benefited from a bit more depth regarding the characters. It pains me a little to say it, since I did like the characters. But with the novelty of the story wearing off a bit, I guess I started noticing a certain simplicity in the description of the characters and a bit in the story itself as well. That doesn't mean it wasn't pleasant to read, it was. And if I'm correct this is only the second book of this author, so I have high hopes for her. She had good ideas: I like the male/female equality, I like the way the main characters, Eliana, slowly figures out she likes women and the understated way in which this is described, and I like how she mixes the ideological with the practical when it comes to religion. This is the only fantasy book I can remember that shows a christian-like religion in a positive light, which is already interesting by itself. Of course, the differences she has incorporated (the most important one God being female) are interesting to see as well. What I really like is that a few of the main characters only vaguely believe in either religion, despite the fact that one of their friends is a fervent believer, and that both religions are corrupted at some point by people lusting for power. Even though the fighting parties are mostly divided by religion, it shows people of either religion fighting on both sides, it shows that there are good people and bad people on both sides, and in the end, it shows that neither side is impervious to corruption.

All in all, I would give this book 3.5 stars, because I think the execution could be improved, but given the subject matters, and the original ideas the author incorporates in her book, I'm rounding it of to four.
… (més)
zjakkelien | Hi ha 5 ressenyes més | Jan 2, 2024 |
A very good collection of short stories! There was a lot of interesting themes and concepts that stayed with you and made you think. What muddied the waters for me a bit was that the 2-3 "meh stories" in here were very meh indeed.
I loved the titular story about an AI with a thing for cat pictures ;).
The other ones I really liked were:
"The Golem" - set in Prague in 1941...
"In the Witch's Garden" - a sci-fi/fantasy retelling of the "Snow Queen"
"Cleanout" - three sisters are cleaning out their parents' house in order to sell it. But where did the parents REALLY come from?
"Artifice" - when one of your friends decides to get a robot boyfriend...
"The Good Son" - a faery falls in love with a mortal and bewitches a childless couple to act as his parents to make courting easier.
"Isabella's Garden" - when you have a two-year-old with magical powers that MAKE THINGS GROW
"Bits" - a sex toy company needs to begin to cater to human/alien couples (very very silly and funny)
"Honest Man" - about an immortal conman ;)
"So Much Cooking" - food blogger stuck at home during a horrid flu epidemic. (Kind of prescient...)
… (més)
Alexandra_book_life | Hi ha 4 ressenyes més | Dec 15, 2023 |
Perfect YA story about the power of friends from the internet.
eyal6699 | Hi ha 32 ressenyes més | Dec 8, 2023 |



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