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I tagged this book as non-fiction because, with just a few exceptions, it's so troo. I love all that stuff.
LibrarianDest | Hi ha 44 ressenyes més | Jan 3, 2024 |
I read a little of this, then started skimming over the chapters when it got boring (at about chapter 3, and they are very short), then gave up after deciding it was nothing but a bunch of cheap shots at a made-up class of people. I'll admit, there are a few people that have many of these characteristics, and more that have a few of them, but most people who do these things don't do it for the reasons he lists. I think he comes off as jealous of people who have higher principles than he does, or who seem to understand more of the big picture that he misses.

I may have some of the habits he mentions, but almost never for the reasons he thinks. I don't read books so I can tell people I read them, I read books I like. I drink craft beers because I like them better; in fact, I never liked beer when I was younger and didn't have any good ones to try.

He puts down people who don't have a TV because he doesn't know what else to talk about with them. Seems pretty shallow to me. But then, he talks about what shows they like, what DVDs they have, even though they don't have TVs?

It's easy to put down made-up traits with made-up reasons, but unfortunately, I found it very hard to find any actual humor. Perhaps if he had been just a little bit creative in his points rather than just listing them, it may have been more entertaining. As it is, it was simply boring, without that element of truth to make it entertaining or enlightening.
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MartyFried | Hi ha 44 ressenyes més | Oct 9, 2022 |
I cringed at how accurate some of this is, it was very funny.
Vividrogers | Hi ha 44 ressenyes més | Dec 20, 2020 |
These books are hilarious and really, the most hilarious thing about them is that white people think they are hilarious. Why is that?

I mean, it's all true. But why doesn't that mean that white people DON'T find it funny?????!

Read this morning:

To fully understand why white people love [Adult Swim] so much you have to understand the world of 'under-ground animation,' which is something that has been beloved by white people since Fritz the Cat. The more hard-core white people (single white men) will often take their passion for this type of animation so far as to attend an 'Alternative Animation Festival,' often held at movie theatres you thought were long abandoned.

So true! I took a couple of white men to a Fritz the Cat movie in Sydney ages ago now. It was held in a cinema in Glebe which was in the process of being condemned. Indeed, we all had to sit in the balcony level, I believe because it had been decided, all things considered, that it was better to fall than be fallen upon. Frankly, I thought the chances of falling were pretty good: any time anybody did something as vigorous as cross their leg, the entire balcony structure shook.

rest here:
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bringbackbooks | Hi ha 44 ressenyes més | Jun 16, 2020 |



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